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The Shallows Review, Starring Blake Lively

The Shallows stars Blake Lively as Nancy Adams, in a surfer’s survivor movie where Nancy goes to a hidden cove to spend some quality surfing time. And it was not quite as bad as I thought it could have been!

As the film starts, while Nancy is in the water, she spots a dead humpback whale floating at the far side of the bay she’s surfing in. But with that whale, comes the predator that killed it, a great white shark.

Before she realizes it, she finds herself stuck on an outcropping of rocks, pinned to the spot by the circling hungry shark, who waits for her to get back in the water.

And the game of survival is afoot.

The Shallows, on Amazon.

This film is directed by horror/action man Jaume Collet-Serra, whose resume includes the Liam Neeson films Unknown (2011) & Non-Stop (2014). He also directed the most excellent freaky movie, Orphan (2009). And the CGI moments aren’t the best ever, but they get by in an acceptable fashion due to the speed of the scenes.

The Shallows is another ‘survivor of the fittest against all odds’ movie, where Lively’s character is a pretty intelligent person in a really bad situation.

But on the whole scheme of things, as movies go with wonderful eye candy and a sharks, it’s not a bad film. And this is a very different kind of character that I’ve seen Lively play. It’s a great change up for her.

And yes, this is a teen boy’s fantasy film, with many shots of a scantily clad Blake Lively, but it’s a bit more of an entertaining film that I expected.

Which also explains the 78% score on Rotten Tomatoes, though to be honest, I’m glad I didn’t drop bucks at the theater but I think it it’s worthy of a rental fee.

On my infamous popcorn scale, I’d easily give it a 6 and maybe even a 7, depending on what I focus on in the film.If I were to bias my score on the number of wonderful… I mean gratuitous butt and breast angles, it’s an easy 7! LOL.

Blake Lively movies.

But if you’re a Blake Lively fan, I think you will like this addition to her career films. It’s a very different character that Lively plays this time around.

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