The Slowest Tailor In Menlo Park – A Service Review

by on October 24, 2012

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Consumer news, Consumer alerts and a Consumer's opinionA consumer experience review of tailor Bob Stankovic, in Menlo Park.

The other day my wife and I needed some repairs done to a few clothing items. She, a nice Nike windbreaker with a zipper problem. (It’s odd how we tend to run into zipper issues with Nike products, but this is not the first time for that) And myself, some biking shorts.

She needed the zipper on her left sleeve fixed and I needed a new belt clasp. We dropped it off on a Sunday, with promises of it being done by next Saturday (6 days later).

Saturday came and went and we did not hear anything. I’m a pretty patient guy so I waited until Monday (8 days after drop off) to go visit him. But when I showed up Monday, our stuff was in the to-do stack, not yet touched. He said it would be done by Tuesday.

Being a pretty patient and understanding guy, I waited until Wednesday to go by his place of business. (10 days after drop off). I got there and he had done my biking pants fix but the coat wasn’t ready because he forgot which zipper it was that we wanted fixed. I contacted my wife and asked her to confirm, and sure enough, it was the left sleeve zipper on her Nike coat.

He gave me the biking shorts saying, this is for you. I don’t know if that meant “Since I’m so slow, no charge.” Or “I’ll bill you later.” At the moment, it better be a no charge deal since he’s failed his target finished date so badly.

When I asked if it would be done later today, he said he doesn’t have this kind of zipper in stock and that he’d have to order it. “When would it be done?” (I’m still in my pleasant, soothing consumer’s voice, because you get more with honey than with vinegar.) He said by Friday. (12 days after drop off).

OK, and now he’s unprepared and did not even order a zipper all this time that the coat sat in his place of business.

Bob is a very quiet, unassuming man who is polite and easy to chat with. His business is a one room deal, but he seems to have been there for quite some time. My presumption is that is because he gets the job done. Possibly, that was a bad assumption. My one data points suggests there are issues.

We promptly took the coat back and decided we did not want to wait any longer. (He charged me $10 for adding a button to my biking shorts)

I’m not sure why it took so long and why the due date went so far over his estimate, but for us, this is one tailor that is off our list.

(Devil’s Advocate): Despite our experience, there are a few glowing online reviews for Bob. One review goes into detail about how he’s been in this business for over 50 years and at that location for more than 30. But then again, I’m leery of review sites with just a review or two.

This this one consumer’s experience with this service. Maybe he was having a spell of it… maybe not. This family wasn’t impressed and we’re looking for another tailor to tackle my wife’s faulty Nike running coat.

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