The Sony DSC-P150 7.2 MegaPixel Camera Review [Consumer]

by on January 1, 2010

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Back in early 2005 I went online and purchased myself a Sony Cyber-shot DSC-P150 7.2 Megapixel camera.

Little did I know how lucky I was getting.  Well, it wasn’t luck.  I did my research on Digital Photography Review and Consumer’s Reports and narrowed it down to a few cameras. 

I then headed off into the electronic wilderness known as the Internet and bought myself a camera!  A Sony Cyber-shot DSC-P150!

But I’m guessing you figured that part out already.

The DSC-P150 was released in mid-2004 and is packed with features.  It comes with a 3x optical zoom and has add-ons for operating under water or wide-angle conversion lenses.  (I have not used those.)

The following photos included within this mini-review were taken by myself with my camera.

Since this is an older camera I won’t go on and on about it but I have to say that using my smart shopping techniques, which includes thorough research, ignoring marketing for other cameras and just being patient, I got what I was looking for and I was very happy with my purchase.  (If I had paid attention to marketing, I would have bought another brand and make of digital camera that had GREAT ads and marketing behind it.  But looking it up, I found it had terrible consumer reviews and experiences.)

This P150 is easy to carry, quick to power up and I’ve taken somewhere in the neighborhood of 15,000+ pictures with this beast and I have nary a complaint, except for one little tiny piece of debris that got inside the camera that shows up every now and then.

Because of this P150 model, if I were to get another portable point-and-shoot camera, I’d have to strongly consider the Cyber-Shot line of Sony cameras.  Of course, I’d weigh out my emotional desires with what information from consumer sites I use to make my final purchase.

Now you know!

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