The Tale of The Travelling Hat

by on July 8, 2014

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Nike AW84 Feather Lite Running Hat

They say that sometimes things in life or on this Earth runs full circle. Some call it Karma, others, destiny. In this short story, the full circle made this time, was done by my hat. It’s a true story, and no names were changed because there were no innocents to protect and it involves an incredibly light hat made by Nike, the Dri-Fit Feather lite cap. (Nike Feather Light Cap)

The other day my wife, Amy, and I hit up Target to look at a few things. We picked up a hand cart and headed off to do some browsing. It seemed simple enough of a goal. But first we went to check out some chairs that customers were raving about. Our present sitting accommodations are getting hard on our backs.

I started pulling down chairs for Amy to test, and in the process, I took my hat off, placing it in our empty hand basket, then put the basket down almost right next to us while we were checking out the chairs.

I’m not sure what the clue was, but my assumption was that a well meaning target employee picked up the hand basket (that appeared empty at quick glance) to return it to the ranks of available baskets. Because it would be a down and dirty deed if a fellow shopper snatched our basket.

When we were done browsing and sitting in chairs, that’s when we noticed our basket (and my hat) gone.

Grr. The chase, was afoot!

I asked the one Target employee near us if she had picked up our basket. She said no, then radioed Customer Service to see if my hat had been turned in to the lost and found.

I was not holding my breath because my presumption was that it was way too early for any established process in the store to have kicked in, and thus, having returned my hat. And it was true.

So I sent Amy on her way to pick up some groceries while I decided to do some detective scouring of my own.

I meandered towards the checkout aisles first and started checking the tops of the cash register end caps and inside of discarded hand baskets on the floor. Just in case someone shopped with my hat in their basket.


I then started walking amongst the major aisles of the store, looking in hand baskets, on end caps where my unwanted cap might be, and even on people’s heads.

After about two circuits, having found nothing, I found Amy in the Target’s grocery section and told her to keep shopping, I’m going to keep doing circuits looking for my wayward lost hat.

At least just one more time. I had a feeling.

At this point, it’s more principle than hat. I have others and can buy a new one. Which wouldn’t be a bad idea, all things considered.

I was prepared for any eventuality, from finding it on someone’s head, to finding it in someone’s basket. I was prepared to give them hell. I also kept my eye out in various locations that would lend themselves to someone discarding an unwanted hat.

I mean, seriously, if this weren’t my hat, I would not want to put it on my head! But I am funny that way.

I did two more circuits of the store, hit up customer service one more time, then returned dutifully to my wife’s side for shopping.

Because I was searching about, she shopped a little longer than planned, found a few extra goodies for us to try and off to the registers we went.

I had written off my hat, but planned to call Target the next morning, thinking that would have been plenty of time for the ‘system’ in the store to work and for my hat to land in the lost and found. If indeed, this was what was going to happen.

Maybe. But two things worked in my favor. The “speed” of the store processes and Amy shopping just a little longer than planned.

While we were in the cashier’s line to checkout, two Target employees were walking by. One of them had a basket full of odds and ends. I had to look close, because my hat is this nice beige, almost camouflage sort of color, but sho’nuff, (anyone catch what obscure B movie I just referenced?) there in the hand basket, was my hat!

It had traveled full circle around in the store, only to come back to me as we were on our way out. What are the odds?

I stepped up, pointed at the hat. Without a word the employee stopped, let me snag it and I placed it happily on my head. Where it belongs! (Wait, they never asked me a thing. I could have pointed at anything in the cart. Hmm, something to keep in mind next time.)

And so ends the tale of my traveling hat that went full circle in a Target store. Reunited. Well, except for the fact I forgot to put it in my backpack when I headed out the door this morning to bike to work. But at least I know where it is now.

The moral of the story… keep a real close eye on your hand baskets in the store.

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