The Ukraine is Poisoning & Incinerating Thousands of Stray Dogs

by on January 20, 2012

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Dog and friends

The 2013 UEFA European Football (Soccer) Championships will be co-hosted by Ukraine. In anticipation of hosting the event, they’re trying to clean up the streets of the stray animals. But the approach they’re using is riling animal rights activists.

What the Ukraine is doing to clear out the thousands of stray dogs and cats on their streets is poisoning the animals, but they’re enlisting the citizens of the country in the process.

Country officials are not only leaving out poisoned food, they’re paying citizens for every dog corpse turned in. Portable crematoriums are being used in the process and in some cases, allegedly some dogs are getting incinerated while they’re still alive.

At $55 a body, I’m guessing some morals go out the window… but that’s a guess on my part. I can’t begin to imagine this situation.

Sure, I get they need to clean up the streets. I’m not sure there’s a very good answer, no matter how you look at it. If they literally have thousands of animals roaming their streets, maybe they should have done something sooner to keep the buildup of strays at a minimum.

I’m rather shocked at this particular development. And all in the name of sports.

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[Image is that of my puppy and her two new friends during one Halloween week.]

[CesarsWay: Ukraine Killing Dogs for Soccer Game]

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