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With any Marvel movie that hits the screen, we know to expect a few minor or sometimes major rewrites as to how a character comes into being, or as referred to, the origin story.

Iron Man, Thor and Captain America was pretty much spot on, but here and there, things are changed up to flow with the Marvel Cinematic Universe… and to be honest, they’re doing a bang up job of it.

But there were a few questions lingering in the minds of comic franchise fans about the role of…

(THERE WILL BE SLIGHT, MILD or HORRIFYING SPOILERS coming up for Avengers Age of Ultron, depending on your point of view about movie details)

Paul Bettany is playing The Vision in AGE OF ULTRON

With Ultron, his film origin will be different than the comics. On film Tony Stark creates him instead of Dr. Hank Pym.

But with The Vision, it seems, per the Comic-Con preview EW magazine article, that to prove that he can create life, Ultron builds The Vision, just like in the comics.

And no, it’s not a coincidence that actor Paul Bettany plays The Vision. There’s going to be some mucking with existing technology by Ultron, say, like, with JARVIS, to help himself build The Vision. (Bettany has been voicing JARVIS since his incarnation in the first Iron Man movie.)

If you’ve never seen or know of The Vision, I think you’ll like him, if they stay near to true form of his comic character persona and abilities. But how close to the comic story will they stick.

Ultron creates Vision to trick the Avengers into a trap of sorts, but they convince him to turn against his creator. Later, he hits it off with The Scarlet Witch (Who is also in the movie) and they end up marrying and having kids. (Trust me, it’s a trick, but they manage. I mean come on, she is a witch!)

(Though to be honest, I’m not holding my breath on the Vision/Witch union. Marvel has skated over relationships previously, such as in Iron Man. Though Tony Stark and Pepper Potts end up together in the movies, we never once saw reference to Pepper and Happy Hogan being together. Just saying.)

The Vision can manipulate his physical density, which varies from being so light that it allows him to fly to becoming super heavy and super strong.

The jewel on the comic version allows him to absorb solar energy to power himself and has the usual armaments of any android, with strength, speed, and what not. Steve Rogers trains him for combat.


There are two versions of the character. The older, original version I just referenced, and there’s a newer one.

Hey, though I doubt the story lines are going to be related, because frankly, I think its too early to shove alternate universes down our throats, there was a comic story arc titled Age of Ultron. But in that version, Ultron had destroyed one earth and we saved our own. Or is it the other way around?

But that’s what I have for you… for now.

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