The Voice Season 3 Finale Quickie Recap and the Winner is…

by on December 19, 2012

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'The Voice' on NBCThe season finale of The Voice, season 3, finally brought the singing competition to a close.  This year as as good as any of the other two seasons, except for the fact that my favorite pick didn’t pull it off.  But that’s OK.

The finale episode was jam packed with guest star performances by Rihanna, Kelly Clarkson, Bruno Mars and the coaches.  I always love watching the coaches belt it out.

Rihanna belted out “Diamonds,”, Clarkson powered out “Catch my Breath,” a new song, and Bruno sang a new song, “When I was Your Man.”

Other song royalty sang with the contestants:   Smokey Robinson/Nicholas David, McDermott/Peter Frampton and Cassadee Pope sung with Avril Lavigne.  Good pairings.

Every week, as the eliminations came around, I kept muttering to my wife that Nicholas David was going home, and Terry McDermott felt like the hands-down favorite to win The Voice.  And every week Nicholas survived!

(There are spoilers coming up after the page break)

This week, for the finale, I said Nicholas wasn’t going to pull this off.  But I’ve been saying this all season!  I was confused.

Be it as it may, by the end of the two-hour season finale of The Voice, we learned that Cassadee Pope won The Voice!  And oh my god, we’re going to have to hear about this all next season from Blake because this gives Team Blake another win.  Sigh, LOL.

It was a good season with some incredible talent. Congrats to Cassadee!

Cassadee Pope wins The Voice, coach Blake Shelton beaming with pride

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