The Walking Dead Episode Recap of “Killer Within”

by on November 4, 2012

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AMC's The Walking Dead LogoThe Walking Dead episode recap of “Killer Within” (Episode 305) started out with someone cutting up the fence and baiting walkers into the prison.

But before I move on… know that there are huge spoilers within.

Also that TV Guide and The Hollywood Reporter spoiled this episode for me via social media, hours before it aired, so beware, and finally… Since there’s been a zombie apocalypse, who the hell has mowed the lawn outside the prison?

Norman Reedus in The Walking Dead - Zombie Kill Shot

The Prison:  This episode of The Walking Dead starts out with Rick organizing the prison yard.  Hershel finally gets up and going on crutches.  Oscar and Axel try to get back with Rick’s gang, but it seems they will be left to sleep in the bed they made.  Everything is nice and serene, but then the a whole lot of walkers show up in the yard and in the block and everywhere!

But unfortunately T-Dog gets bitten. (Tidbit: Did you know that T-Dog was using Andrea’s old Smith and Wesson Ladysmith 3913?)

Wow, just as the group start to get a handle on their walker invasion, suddenly the prison alarms start going off, attracting EVERYTHING in the region to the prison.

Somebody really screwed our group of survivors.  And NOW, Lori goes into labor!?

Lori starts going into labor, (with a lot of screaming!). Meanwhile T-Dog and Carol find themselves cornered and knowing he’s a goner since he was bitten, sacrifices himself so Carol can get away.

Rick finds the generator for the sirens, and it seems to be a trap set by inmate Andrew… but Oscar saves the day and “offs” the crazy looking guy.

Meanwhile, it looks like Lori will be needing a C-Section and Maggie isn’t ready for this.  Maggie does the procedure on Lori to save the baby. Lori bleeds out and knowing that his mom will turn, says “She’s my mom” and takes control and does the head shot on Lori.

The Governors’ Compound (Woodbury): Michonne confronts the Governor about one of his new vehicle acquisitions and notices the tell-tale bits of evidence that suggest that the equipment was taken, not found.

Andrea and Michonne are plotting their exit strategy but I’m suspecting that crazy-girl (Andrea) might be plotting on staying.

Andrea gives Merle a map to the location of the farm. But it seems that Andrea feels she was left behind by Rick’s group. Something “in common” with Merle.

The governor does have a wicked walker-killing golf shot. Merle asks the governor about looking for his brother, but The Gov is not on board with it. Hmm, Merle might be thinking that the Gov doesn’t want him finding his brother!

Andrea and The Gov chat and he tells her his name is Phillip. He says he’ll have their (Andrea and Michonne) weapons waiting for them at the gate when they leave.

HA! I knew it. Andrea is having a change of mind about leaving and Michonne is upset.



Merle wants to find his brother and it seems that The Gov does not want Merle leaving, or that he doesn’t want him to find his brother.  Is he worried that Merle will find out what is really going on outside of compound.  I’m not sure.

Andrea is off in the head in a crazy, survivalist way, and I’m suspecting she’ll end up bailing on Michonne and staying at Woodbury.  I’d never trust this woman!  Plus I don’t know if Michonne will stay or not, to stick by Andrea.

Lori dying during child birth was a hard scene to follow.  From saying goodbye to Carl, to Maggie making the cut  or Carl stepping up and keeping his mother from turning after dying just all added up for a powerful emotional moment.  Then to see Rick confront Maggie and Carl and realize what happened to Lori.

Carl just took a leap into being an adult.  How he processes this is going to make or break how he grows up or stays sane.  I can’t figure which way this is going to go for him.



Episode 305 of The Walking Dead Sneak Peek:


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