The Walking Dead Episode Recap of “Say The Word” (11-11-12)

by on November 11, 2012

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Norman Reedus in The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead opens to the townspeople preparing for a party and then we see a dark secret of the Governors (The Gov)… the he’s keeping his daughter around… his undead zombie daughter. Not sure if that’s sick, sad or…?

Back at the Prison: We watch Rick trying to process the new development of Lori’s death. And the biggest issue is that they need to figure out is finding formula. But Rick seems a bit miffed and picks up an axe and heads into the prison on a mission.

Gov: Today is celebration in the compound remembering how far the survivors have come. Michonne uses this time to retrieve her sword and finds a journal of sorts what what look like hash marks. Lots of hash marks. We also learn that The Gov’s science guy is needing power for an experiment.

After Michonne gets her sword, she’s exploring and finds a collection of walkers and has some sword practice with them. We get to see how good she is.

But she gets caught. And during her “talking to” from The Gov, he says she would fit in. She doesn’t seem too keen on the idea. He chats with Andrea about the situation, convincing her to chat with Michonne.

Prison: Glenn goes to check on Rick down in the prison halls and Rick seems to be doing his own mindless version of a living walker. (He’s still processing Lori’s passing.)

Daryl and Maggie head out to find formula and come across a school and find what they’re looking for…for now.

Gov: Michonne and Andrea try to leave and Merle intercepts them… but it was a test that Merle and the gate pass. But despite Andrea, Michonne leaves.

Prison: Daryl and Maggie return, and one of the most shocking moments in all of AMC’s The Walking Dead takes place…

Daryl walks up and calms the baby and feeds the little girl formula. (I did not see that coming!)

Rick finds where Lori was and finds a walker with a very full belly and kills it, then cuts into him over and over. (He’s still processing.)

Gov’s Camp: And we finally see what the party at The Gov’s place… their own WWE session with Merle and some other guy having a free-for-all in a Walker Gladiator Arena of sorts. The Gov thinks he’s teaching his people to not be afraid of the walkers. Hmm… but in this arena, they’ve pulled all the walkers teeth.

Prison: Daryl pays his respects to Lori’s grave while Rick is… still processing. And near where he’s zoning out, the phone rings.

He’s really zoning out… (You’ll have to trust me on that one. You’ll see next week.)

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It’s obvious that Rick is having huge issues and is not processing the death of Lori. They’ve lost people and he’s been one to bolster folks through their losses, but he’s wigged out on his (Or Shane’s) daughter and isn’t even trying to help feed her.

We’ve seen an entirely new dark or sad side of The Governor and his twisted form of entertainment that his villagers seem to accept willingly. There might be more to worry about that meets the eye.

Michonne is back outside the compound. Hopefully making a bee-line straight away from that dark place of curiosities.

Sneak Peek at a scene from next week:


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