The Walking Dead Kicks Dead Butt, Season 2 is A Year Away & They Fired Their Writers?

by on December 6, 2010

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Andrew Lincoln in The Walking Dead

Iím Bummed:† Iím bummed that AMCís The Walking Dead had only six episodes in this first successful season of the cable series.† But wow, what a series as they packed a lot of quality story into each episode and thatís impressive, considering how many television commercials AMC packs into the hour of the programming!

In this first season we’ve been introduced to Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and gang and we’ve been shown that despite zombie apocalypse’s, human mis-judgments and flawed mental reasoning will continue on, regardless of humanity having a common enemy.† Yet despite the show cranking out huge cable TV ratings, initial reports last week (Dec 1) started circulating around that the entire writing staff for The Walking Dead were fired by Frank Darabont (The Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile) and he was going to take on the sole task of doling out writing for season 2 of The Walking Dead to freelancers.

This sounds akin to someone sticking their foot out in front of them to hold down the target, and shooting at the target.† Darabont has a reputation I can’t confirm but this planned deed seems to support it to some degree.

Andrew Lincoln in The Walking Dead

Then on Dec 3rd, showrunner Gale Anne Hurd (Aliens) did some damage control and denied that director Darabont fired the writers.† She went on to confirm other details, specifically that those actors whose characters survived the season finale, are signed on for multiple seasons.† What will be happening, per Hurd, is that early 2011 everyone will be sitting down to figure things out.† Heck, even the makeup effects artist who did the zombies for season one may be looking to make his own directorial premiere and may not be available for the next season.

AMC was surprised by the ratings (They pulled in over 6M viewers for the finale) but you have to admit that the story outweighs the genre subject and people are tuning in and getting surprised that a zombie apocalypse show isn’t necessarily about the zombies.

On The “Multiple Seasons” Contracts

Don’t get too excited about the phrase multiple seasons, when it’s tossed in with an actor’s contract with a show.† It is not uncommon to sign on an actor for seasons beyond expectation.† This keeps them locked in for additional seasons that may or may not happen but at least the studio is protected for at least one season before they get stiffed with pay-raise demands.

The Walking Dead, Season 2

For now, more than likely, we’ll see season two of The Walking Dead premiere once again in October during the Hallowed month and this time they’ve shown more confidence in the show and packed the season with thirteen (13) episodes.

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