The Walking Dead Mid-Season Finale, S3 Ep8, Woodbury & A Reunion

by on December 2, 2012

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Rick Grimes in The Walking Dead

This is a recap/review of The Walking Dead‘s mid-season finale, titled “Made to Suffer.” We met new folks, saw some quick, decisive actions, tragic discoveries and a few folk reunite once again. But which ones?

Of course, as always, spoilers ensue. I don’t want you guys spoiled, so beware…

It was a foggy scene and a scream could be heard over yonder trees… and who is this young man clomping heads of the walkers? What’s this, a new group of humans? Indeed. But Tyreese should have killed his freshly bitten comrade. At least that’s the thought that was going off in my head during the opening scene.

And our wayward stragglers find the prison.

(Tidbit: Tyreese first showed up in issue 7 of the comic series.)

Once again viewers are treated to the Governor’s sad situation with his walker daughter. And for a moment, I swear, there might have been a light in her head. Was there or am I seeing things?

Danai Gurira in The Walking Dead

Then there’s Rick, Daryl, Michonne et al, invading Woodbury to save Glenn and Maggie. As the rescue ensues, a few things muck up the smooth process and one heck of a fire-fight erupts from the ruckus.

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All the while, the Gov. is desperately trying to keep Andrea out of the way so she doesn’t see who it is that’s raided Woodbury. He’s desperate to keep her in the dark about her long lost traveling mates.

During the raid, Michonne breaks away from the group, goes back in gets into it with the Gov in his office/museum of ‘chomping heads.’ Michonne kills his walker daughter and puts a shard of glass in his eye.

– – –

Carl finds our stray visiting humans and after a brief walker rescue by Carl, he locks the visitors in their own part of the prison for now, while they finally take care of their injured party member. Injured, I mean bitten.

Carl is definitely the little man of the group now. It’s sad and cool to see.

Andrea jumps into the middle of the title match between Michonne and Gov and she lets Michonne go, but has quite the eye opener (oh, that wasn’t a pun) and see’s the saved walker heads.

The Gov tells Andrea the fish tanks were to prepare him for the horrors of what’s outside the walls. And then Merle comes in the room and it seems to be all the Gov seems to be able to see.

I’ve never seen such a look with one eye from any actor ever. That was one intense look!

Later, the Gov holds a gathering and tells the townspeople Merle led “The terrorists” into the town. And puts them both into the fight ring. He’s pissed at Merle for lying to him about having killed Michonne a few episodes back.

Norman Reedus in The Walking Dead

Oh, wait… them who? Well, Andrea saw the invading group, but only through smoke grenades, but Daryl managed to get himself captured during the Glenn/Maggie rescue. And the Gov puts the brothers into the fight ring together.

This mid-season finale of The Walking Dead had a lot going on with plenty of “taste” for the upcoming back eight episodes that will be returning in February of 2013.

I’d like to say we have no clue what’s coming up in the next eight episodes, but AMC’s preview of the final eight episodes showed someone out and about and looking pretty healthy, despite how we saw them last. Boo!

Footnote: Do not forget about the TV marathon of The Walking Dead on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s day… ALL episodes, in order, of the series.

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