The Walking Dead Recap, Michonne’s New Friends and Rescue Groups

by on November 25, 2012

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Dallas Roberts in The Walking Dead, an episode recapIn the episode of The Walking Dead, titled “When the Dead Come Knocking,” Glenn is in a pickle, being interrogated by Merle back at the Governor’s enclave. But Glenn has some surprising gumption in him.

Maggie is in the next room, hearing the beating Merle is giving him. Merle is pretty fixated on how he was left behind. Can’t blame him. But Glenn slips (IMO) and gives up the list of names of the group. Not his best move of a bluff, being as how he doesn’t know where he’s at.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch prison, Michonne is rescued by Rick and brought into the prison. Daryl shows the group their long lost friend of Carol.

They decide to trust Michonne and the info they got from her, brings them to a tense level of trust and head out to save Glenn and Maggie over at Woodbury.

Back at Woodbury, the Gov enlists Andrea to an interesting situation where they’re going to test if a walker retains memories from their previous lives. Ms. “know it all” is fully convinced they’re only monsters.

I recently read a book that focused on the mind of a walker by Hugh Howey, and how they suffer through the infection. Cool read actually.

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In another room, Merle sets a walker loose on the captive Glenn…

The Gov goes to talk to Maggie, and bluffs her into thinking he’ll rape her. Another facet of his twisted, no-holds-barred approach to his existence.

Rick, Michonne, Daryl, & ?? head off to rescue Glenn. They run into a homeless guy who Michonne has to kill because he was screaming out the door. He was going to die anyway.

Mr. Coleman finally dies and the scientist tries is experiment his memory test. It didn’t pan out. The test that is.

The Governor finally gets Maggie to spill the beans about the prison by threatening Glenn. The Gov sends a scouting party. While our party of four scopes out the town from the outside.

This was the next to last episode until the “mid-season” finale break of The Walking Dead, before returning in February of 2013.

Tonight we watched the dedication of Rick’s group to their own, the curious scientific pursuits at Woodbury and the devious and sad minds of the Governor’s people, including himself.  It looks like our tow primary groups are coming together for a face-off!

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