The Walking Dead: Recap of Episode “Sick”

by on October 23, 2012

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a Still of Norman Reedus, Lew Temple, Markice Moore and Theodus Crane in The Walking DeadIt’s not a round table, but it’s close enough!

The Walking Dead episode titled “Sick” opens with the gang focusing on Hershel’s leg, ignoring the live human inmates they just encountered for the moment. The group takes Hershel back to their locked off section of the prison and they have a chat with the surviving inmates who had no clue what’s really been going on outside the prison.

The prisoners “want their prison” back but Rick creates an agreement between him and the new survivors. Meanwhile the group is split on if Hershel is going to wake up, or wake up dead.

Rick is pondering if he will need to kill the surviving prisoners since they may not be trust worthy. The two groups get ready to clear out a jail block section for the survivors. Rick shows the prisoner survivors how to take out a zombie.

a Still of Andrew Lincoln and Greg Nicotero in The Walking DeadAs you can see, Rick goes through a lot of crew members practicing his scenes! NEXT!

In preparation, Hershel’s daughter Maggie tells the unconscious Hershel it’s OK to let go. Or more to the point, she’s prepared to let go…

The prisoners and Rick’s group go out to clear out a block, but Big Tiny gets bitten.

There was nothing any one can do for him and while the group argued, Thomas went off and killed the big guy before he turned or any decision can be made. Something that I thought was tactically correct and the moral thing to do. But viewing fans thought it was immoral, per the story-sync vote, to have done that. Dudes, you know what was going to happen to him soon… how can you not?

The alliance eventually breaks down and Rick has to kill Thomas. This also seemed inevitable, considering how Thomas seemed to be, plus, he was a loose canon waiting to go off. I had no problem with that either. (It’s a rough world they’re in kids!)

a Still of Andrew Lincoln, Sarah Wayne Callies, Emily Kinney, Melissa Suzanne and Beth Greene in The Walking Dead

Carl shows a moment of extreme independence and sows up with infirmary supplies for Hershel. His mom goes off on him about how he went off on his own. It’s a valid point, but this is a new world and young ones are bound to grow up faster. He even bragged about taking out two walkers. Mom, you’re going to have to deal with it. A protected child is an unprepared child. I’m not sure which is worse!

Glen helps Carol to get a surgery practice cadaver in the form of one killed zombie. But something or someone is watching them… this can’t be good. Carol is coming up to speed if they need to deliver Lori’s baby surgically. (I think! I missed part of the episode about here. Ug)

Hershel gives us a start and coded out for a moment and when Lori brings him back, it was the shocker moment of the episode, as it seemed he zombied out and grabbed her, but that wasn’t so. He just woke up startled.

a still of Norman Reedus in The Walking DeadThis was the standard pose for Norman Reedus because he didn’t trust the surviving prisoners.

The gang is settling in to their part of the prison, and left the 2 surviving prisoners in their own section. I don’t think they’ll be a problem but Rick had to make some tough calls this episode, but completely necessary. On the other hand, we saw neither Andrea (I’m OK with the pro-Shane supporter not showing up) and Michonne. But the preview seems to point to us seeing them more next week.

For now, it looks like the prison is the spot for the gang, and the petty squabbles between groups have been settled out. For now.

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