The Walking Dead Recap: Phone Calls, Unions and Reunions

by on November 18, 2012

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Michael Rooker as Merle in The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead episode titled “Hounded” brought reunions, some sanity and some gross developments. (More gross than walker deaths!)

The episode starts out with Merle anda search party tracking down Michonne and they find a personal message from her, in “Biter-gram” or in parts of walkers spelling out a message. Merle seems bent on hunting her, but after so much, he gives up, kills his own man who won’t agree to corroborate his story of killing her.

Rick has a phone conversation with a few different people… yep, on a phone deep in the prison, but are they real? As the episode progresses, you learn that he’s been talking to dead people. The last person on the phone was Lori. And this last conversation seems to set him straight in the head.

Andrea was having doubts about the Governor’s town, but he convinces her to stay. And ater on we find out that she really liked the fight entertainment. And then the story gets a bit on the gross side as The Gov and Andrea “hook up.”

Carl and Daryl spent some quality time together while searching for things in the prison. We learned a bit about Daryl’s mother. And Daryl ends up finding Carol. But before he did, we see how much he actually cared about her. Is there something there?

Merle encounters Glenn and Maggie while they were out getting supplies. Of course Merle gets the drop on them and takes them away back to the Gov.. Can’t be good for them.

And wow, while decked out in Walker guts, Michonne finds and walks up to the prison, with what looks like the intent to talk to Rick and the gang.

Sorry for the short recap gang. Maybe it’s better but a bit distracted. We lost our dog last night.

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