‘The Walking Dead’ Recap, Reedus Interview Bits And Looking Forward

by on November 15, 2011

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Last weekend’s episode of The Walking Dead, “Chupacabra”, despite all the attempted spoilers throughout the week from fans and the network, did pack some serious punch this week.

First up, it’s obvious that despite the primary characters of the show, the fans love the survivor instincts of The Walking Dead character, Daryl Dixon, played by Norman Reedus.

SPOILERS are following…

Having hallucinated his brother, Daryl (Norman Reedus) was not a bad thing.  It helped him get out of his situation.

But when he came out of the woods and that idiot, Andrea, who seems to have a growing fetish for wanting to have a gun in her hands, called out “WALKER,” it was dramatic and funny all at once for me.

Daryl already looks like crap, and when he’s injured and dragging out of the woods, I thought his fate was sealed.

Daryl threatened the guys to either shoot him or get the gun out of his face.  And when he got up after being shot and said, “I was joking” I love his hard-ass approach to life after getting shot.  (And it’s a good thing Andrea didn’t adjust for windage!)

Despite having started out as a racist survivalist, the show has toned down the racist aspect of his personality and focused on that tough outer shell of a survivor.  And folks are enjoying this character, who has his crap together so much better than anyone else in this troupe.

Psst: In an interview over on AMC, Reedus calls his character

“He’s kind of like this wet little coyote that doesn’t know where he’s at and people are trying to reach over and pet him and he snaps back.”

That’s he’s learned a lot about using crossbows over the last year;

“I’m pretty well-versed in crossbow-ness by now…”

And he admits he’s nothing like Daryl.

“I’ve been camping and stuff, but if you left me in the woods I’d probably just curl up and cry until someone found me.”


I bet like me, most of you were shocked when Shane turned and killed that man to escape the zombies.  He’s turned dark, and now that Lori is fighting this conflict of when, not if, to tell Rick about being pregnant, well, that should get pretty prickly.

A Barn Full of Zombies???

I can’t wait to find out just why these farm folks have penned up a bunch of zombies in their barn.  Most people keep old cars and cows in barns.  But zombies?  I can’t wait to see what they have to say about that one.

Make Yourself At Home Why Don’t Ya?

Is it me, or do you find it amazing how ‘at home’ everyone from our troupe has made themselves at Hershel’s farm they found?  Cripes, you’re guests, not family!  LOL.

And when the bloody heck are they going to find the little girl, Sophia?  By all accounts, I think she’s doomed.  If she’s not, this was one seriously drawn out plot line.

Plus, from how the flashbacks are structured, aside from the hallucination, I’m fully expecting Merle to show back up sometime.


There are only two episodes left (“Secrets” & “Pretty Much Dead Already.”) until they take their holiday/Christmas season break.  It will return in February, but it will suck to go through withdrawals for the show.

But I’ve seen where this last ep, “Pretty Much Dead Already” as been called huge by the mane behind the franchise, Robert Kirkman.  And when The Walking Dead returns from it’s winter hiatus, we’ll start seeing new characters also, so keep your eyes peeled!


Norman Reedus Interview:  amctv.com: norman reedus interview

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