‘The Walking Dead’ S3 Season Finale, “Welcome to the Tombs”

by on April 1, 2013

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'The Walking Dead' TV series, s3The season finale of The Walking Dead, titled “Welcome to the Tombs,” opened on a scene of the Governor (David Morrissey) beating down on someone. My first guess was Andrea (Laurie Holden) was the punching bag, but it turns out that it was Milton (Dallas Roberts), for his transgressions of the previous episode.

The Governor set the tone for the episode with a statement he made that pretty much added up to either you kill or be killed.

SPOILERS follow for time-shifted viewers follow

After that, he stabs Milton and leaves him to turn in the room that Andrea is tied up in. It’s not a good kind of a death sentence, but zombies seem to have been one of the Governor’s favorite weapons.

Back at the prison, our intrepid group is packing up and bailing out. During the moment, there was a pretty important moment between Michonne and Rick, where she explains that she understood that Rick (Andrew Lincoln) had to contemplate that terrible offer of the Governor’s, and also thanked him for taking her in, even though he didn’t have to.

I also think this helped Rick take a step towards his sanity. (Not seeing Lori any more.) That to know that it’s not for nothing. To hear someone say thank you. I think that went a long way.

Mr Imbalanced Vengeful (the Governor) attacks the prison and after a few moments of infiltration, found themselves being repelled by the ambush our intrepid survivors set for these guys.

The Woodbury assault team stops down the road and while the Gov tries to rally his troops, they try to present to him the problem of such an idea. In his imbalanced state, the gov shoots almost all his team in a fit of rage. There’s only him and two of his closest cronies left. (WTH would they get back in the truck with this guy? Man, that must have been an uncomfortable ride!)

Yes, he’s crazy.

Rick and a few get to Woodbury, but the Gov is nowhere to be found. They find Andrea, but it’s too late. The Milton walker got a bite out of her. And it’s the end of the line for her.

It’s a powerful moment, when Michonne won’t leave her side while Andrea kills herself.

After that , they convince the Woodbury survivors that the crazed Gov is not the guy to hang with and they return to the prison with our intrepid survivors.

Who knows where the Gov went? I hope he falls in a shallow pit full of walkers. But hey, if he lives, I’m sure he’ll be a continual thorn in the side.

And in the end, little Carl, who we have watched grow up over the last three seasons of The Walking Dead, (literally), showed he crawled out of the world of the child victim, and is one pissed off pre-teen with a gun.

He’s seen that if you take the nice guy route, that it can bite you in the ass. He shows that by offing a potential threat. Hershel said he saw Carl shoot the boy down in cold blood, but what I saw was the boy saying he was dropping the weapon, while keeping his finger on the trigger and slowly swinging it in Carl’s direction. I had no issue with Carl’s call.

But be it as it may, you can see where Carl is headed, with everything that’s happened to him. Also its that statement he made, mirroring the statement that the Governor made, about it’s a kill or be killed world.

I forget where I saw this, but there was a question out on the web, wondering out-loud if anyone should be worried about the old folks dying in their sleep and waking up walkers in the middle of the night.

But be it as it may, this seemed to wrap up this third season of The Walking Dead, and it set more TV ratings records for itself, with a 12.4 million viewer episode!

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