THE WALKING DEAD S5 Premiere Review

by on October 12, 2014

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Season Five Review of THE WALKING DEAD

SPOILERS ENSUE. In the previous season finale of The Walking Dead, when the gang was getting ushered by gunfire into the railroad car, I had taken notice of a pile of human skeletons along their path. So when the fifth season premiere kicked in gear, and our team found themselves being herded over a slaughter trough, it did not surprise me to see. But it was still disconcerting to see.

With our heroes lives on the line, having been captured and primed for something quite terrible, Terminus was suddenly attacked, saving them from a fate worse than, well, death?

After the commercial break, we follow Carol and Tyreese as they learn a little bit more about Terminus before arriving there. So they approach Terminus in a much smarter route than Rick and Glen’s groups. And she learns of Rick’s group fate. And she takes matters into her own hands, in a grand way!

This gives Rick and gang a chance to escape from getting their throats slit, and in the process, they discover they’re dealing with what looks like cannibals.

After escaping, the gang meets back up with Carol and it is a heart felt reunion, especially between Daryl and Carol. And then between Rick and his

They are now fifteen strong, and back on the road.

And we have a new (old) player on the field, following the gang on the road. Morgan (Lennie James). How can this pan out? Can it be good or not good? The last time we saw Morgan, he was not doing well emotionally. There has been no new news about Beth for now, but from trailers for the season, she is alive and not in a good place.

Though I was emotionally prepared to endure the gang’s new fate for more than a single episode, it was still an emotionally and action packed, satisfying resolution to what Terminus represented. They even tried to show why or how the people became the way they were, but despite being pushed into this vicious mode, I have no sympathy for them.

We’ve seen how far Rick could go at the end of last season and we know what he’s capable of. And as they make their escape in this episode, he’s made it clear it’s a kill or be killed scenario as far as he is concerned. He’s accepted the level of brutality needed to survive in this world and it is about time.

We also saw exactly what Carol is capable of and for now, is back with the group, without nary a word on how it was she had split from the group. (AKA, forced out by Rick)

Visually, this is the same dark world we left behind seven months ago. But now, amongst our 15, we supposedly have a scientist who knows how to stop the plague. Or do we?

It promises to be another exciting fifth season of The Walking Dead!

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