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by on April 1, 2015

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The fifth season of The Walking Dead has come and gone. And to be honest there was a refreshing aspect to the show in this season that had it stand out above other seasons. That is, throughout the season, there was never one real enemy or challenge, but in general, the overall challenge of surviving was what this fifth season was all about. Surviving both physically and mentally.

This survival mode and the tension with it was stoked by the discovery of Alexandria and what it could represent. But most fans and viewers pretty much felt that it was not a place to be trusted. It was too nice. Too perfect. These folks who lived there were not ready for this world that was going on around them. They seemed to get pretty lucky and had lived a sheltered life behind the walls that surrounded the town.

We lost players along the way and that is never good. But the reality of it is that it is bound to happen.

Rick seemed to have gone slightly off the deep end, but I think it was more of a tiresome focus or mental weariness. He was done and tired but was not giving up. I think he had been duped long enough, when every single village or town or encampment that came along wanted to kill them or eat them. Yep, one could develop a certain mental state from everyone trying to “get you.”

We saw that Michonne was done with travelling and oddly, ate up the opportunity and idea to have a place to settle in. She even put her sword away, over the fireplace mantle.

We watched, in surprising clarity, as Eugene stepped up and carried his companion to safety because she had done that for him. There seems to be hope for this reluctant hero. And I would like to see him develop some fighting skills so he won’t keep getting knocked down.

For me, the other huge notable focus in the latter part of this fifth season was Glenn’s development into a disciple of Rick and or Daryl. He put the hurt on that one dweeb who has no scrotum to stand up to the walkers. This was a different Glenn indeed this season. I liked it. He’s had enough and he’s not holding back. And yet, through it all, he still had this stupid ass streak of compassion for the dweeb that almost got him killed a few times due to his cowardice. REALLY Glen? I hope that does not come back to bite you.

The bestest, most fun developing character this season, to me, was Carol! That sweet smiling motherly look, all the while she leads the Alexandria residents down the path of stories and motherly cookie cooking. Between that innocent smiling look to the threats veiled with kindness, I loved what she brought to the mix. I am glad she showed back up, blowing shit up and what not!

So a lot happened in those last 15 minutes in the finale that set the pace for the upcoming sixth season. That’s for sure. Especially as Daryl showed up with kung-fu master Morgan! Yay Morgan, and he seems like he is no longer Cray-cray! Morgan is played by Lennie James, and during The Talking Dead, I learned after all these years that he’s British, accent and all! I have never had cause to look him up and thus, I was shocked!

Also, did you see the teaser for The Walking Dead spinoff/companion series? I got a kick out of the announcer… it looks like there’s a new bug going around. Make sure you have your flu shots. LOL

Did you stick around for the extra scene before The Talking Dead? Then you missed it when Michonne, having been slightly put off by events of the evening, decided that rather than putting her sword back over the fireplace, she put it back where it belongs, hanging off her back. She seemed slightly distressed about the decision, but with the events that took place inside the fence that Rick had to deal with, it was proof she should never put her blade away.

Also in the Talking Dead, Lennie James said that Morgan was looking for the one man and friend he had in life, and that was Rick. He was there for him when he lost his wife and later his kid. And he has himself some fighting skills! I think that will be an awesome match to the group, not to mention now we have a staff wielder who is fastidious about cleaning the blood off his weapon.

IT was also said that for the upcoming sixth season, now that we’ve seen what nastiness humanity can bring to this world of walkers, now we’ll get to see what other vile and evil nastiness is out there. That is, besides those self-proclaimed “wolves.” Phffft.

Overall this season was sublime. The only real evil or enemy our folks faces was their own tensions. We kept waiting for the other shoe to drop and it did not. Or has not yet. I can’t wait. For the sixth season or the new show.

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