THE WALKING DEAD’s “Remember” Is A Huge Trap!

by on March 2, 2015

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On the latest episode of The Walking Dead, we saw the group accept the invitation and enter Alexandria. Let’s keep in mind the promo art tagline from this season of The Walking Dead as we keep watching, “The new world is going to need Rick Grimes.”

We watched the den mother of the place accept them into the location and they were given two houses to live in.

We watched Deanna interview each member while videotaping the interviews. (Is that weird or what?)

We also watched Deanna choose jobs for most of our intrepid survivors while Carl starts to worry that this new environment will make them weak and Carol playing coy and… submissive, even going to such great lengths as saying she misses her dear ex-husband. Wait… wha???

But it’s all a plan to keep the Alexandria villagers off their scent for now as they feel their way around and into this new compound of people.

The person I worry the most about is Daryl.

You can see that as Deanna dispenses new jobs to the new residents, things are starting to go back to the way they were before the zombie flu.

Daryl was an outcast of sorts in society until the zombie flu made him an integral and important part of the group.

But as the group started getting jobs and looking like their lives are starting to return to a normalcy that existed before “the flu,” Daryl was truly looking worried.

But I am not sure if the worry is about how things are going back to the way they were when he was an outsider, or worried because of his strong suspicious nature and the suspicious mentality of the group from Alexandria.

Either way, the residents of Alexandria ARE up to something, but we’re not sure what yet. We have not been told.

But they’re smart enough to stalk our gang and have gone off and stolen Rick’s hidden “blender gun,” and yet not smart enough to know that they should not be “playing” with walkers.

Carl is worried how weak the group is… the kids in the village are still playing video games, as if having the threat of walkers outside their village walls is not video game-like enough.

And if you’ve noticed… Deanna is giving everyone jobs much like how their lives were before the plague. Hence the episode title, “Remember.”

Yep… my worry about Alexandria is not that the threat is from inside Alexandria, but rather, that they know that their core group here is weak and not prepared for what lies outside the walls of the town. Or what could be coming for them that they’re aware of.

Sure, they’re smart and shrewd, but I think they needed our ragtag group of survivors just because they are survivors and have the edge needed to survive, and fend off what ever might be coming. Deanna did tell Rick they want his group help them survive. But what can truly be coming that is so horrid? I could be wrong and Alexandria is the horror, but that’s my early take.

We had the Governor… now we have the smooth talking congressperson.

Regardless, I think we can all agree that Alexandria is not their best option. It is only gift-wrapped to look like one.

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