The Wallet Triple Dip of Ads on Cable Television

by on December 21, 2010

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TV Ads today

Ever noticed how many TV ads there are these days?

TV ads are slowly yet quietly creeping up in how much time they take up in our television entertainment. We used to see forty-six minutes of program sprinkled amongst the TV ads back in the late nineties, but today, we get forty-two minutes of programming per hour and I feel that number is dropping. In a thirty-minute program we see twenty-two minutes of program. Some networks have even more and you won’t see more than eighteen minutes of programming in a thirty minute show.

But while we’re at it, don’t forget about those ten minutes per hour of in-show product placement. That’s those scenes where you can clearly see a product in the background or being used by a character.

What’s that, we’re up to twenty-eight minutes of product exposure per hour in a TV show? Over half our time is spent having ads and ad-like exposure per TV hour.

And to think, Americans will watch around 250 billion hours of TV a year. That’s why advertisers love television commercials, they get a lot of bang for their buck.

I’m not sure which part irks me more, that we don’t have a choice in the matter or that we actually pay someone, ie, our cable network, to have this experience? (Commentor Charles K. pointed that out in another article here under the Cinema Static column on I mean we do have a choice, but people are swayed by TV ads or they wouldn’t exist.

Yep, that’s the part I love. We pay our cable provider to be pummeled with ads. Huh. At least some or many of the advertisers have taken the hint that entertaining or funny ads take some of the sting away from our frustrations with ads… though they’ll never distract us from how loud TV ads are. But that’s a whole different topic.

Just thought you’d like to know… thanks for coming by folks! Have a great day!

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