THE WHISPERS on ABC, Deadly Games By Innocent Kids

by on June 3, 2015

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The Whispers

Did anyone catch this new ghostly looking series, The Whispers, on ABC Monday night? It is a curious little tale of games that children play with an unseen entity. But the games they play can get people seriously hurt.

The FBI is brought in to check out one such incident of extreme damage done to an adult.

Then there’s the man who does not know who he is, but seems to be following the entity around town. Plus he has tattoos all over his body that seem closely related to events we were watching.

On top of that, there’s a dad of one of the kids, who is chasing down something that has apparently snatched a military aircraft out of the sky 4,000 miles away and is holding on to it somewhere in the desert of a foreign land.

And to just make this a drama about some humanity, we have familial difficulties between a few folks, so the tension that is in the air, is layered over by more tension.

I did not hate the premiere and I am curious how it is that so many kids can be talking to the same imaginary friend called Drill. Or that we are seeing that the FBI has drummed up past events that include Drill.

Or that the FBI agent herself, has a son that just started talking to Drill.

I feel like rather than tease us with a few things, it feels like they tossed a lot in this first episode, but did not quite overdo, but came close.

I thought it was a great effect to have a child go off and play with some tools, only to find out that after Drill told her what to do, the trap snared her mother. So that’s curious.

Bottom line, it did not suck. Nor did it stand out, but it isn’t something to run from. At least for me…

But (PLOT SPOILER FOR THE REST OF THE SEASON) with this show being based off of a ten-page short story by Ray Bradbury, they are probably going to have a lot of filler and fluff to keep the story afloat.

In the Bradbury short story, titled “Zero Hour,” aliens invade the Earth by taking over the minds of children. In this case, the early cases of the children seem to be related to a secret government project and the people cleared to it.

So there’s that… for now.

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