‘The Wolverine’ Movie Has a Filming Start Date – Finally

by on April 21, 2012

in Entertainment

'The Wolverine' movie sequel with Hugh JackmanIt’s been a long, slow journey for the movie, but now we have a start date for production of one of the next X-Men franchise character movies, The Wolverine.

News is that The Wolverine will start filming in August (2012) in Sydney, Australia.  That’s Hugh Jackman’s hometown, who is also going to star in the movie.

Director James Mangold is set to take helm of the production.  Mangold’s resume includes Knight and Day, 3:10 to Yuma, Walk the Line, and other such productions.

So he has experience with action movies and that’s a bit comforting.

The story is said to be loosely based on the Frank Miller and Chris Claremont mini-series from the 80’s that takes place in Japan and includes the Silver Samurai.  And to fall in love!

The Wolverine theatrical release is set for July, 2013, as of today.


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