‘The Wolverine’ Trailer 5-1-13

by on May 1, 2013

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The Wolverine news - Hugh Jackman first promo imageThe Wolverine, starring Hugh Jackman, (And Famke Janssen as Jean Grey???) is due out in theaters on July 26th, 2013.  The tricky synopsis for the movie says “Wolverine makes a voyage to modern-day Japan, where he encounters an enemy from his past that will impact on his future.

So it’s Back to the Future, with claws?

Any how, this is a promo trailer designed to help sell or pitch the movie at CinemaCon.  It’s almost a silent movie of sorts, but we do see a very large Silver Samurai looking guy trying to cut Logan in 2.

I don’t know about you, but this trailer didn’t quite move me.  Now my suspicion is that it may be just right for the hard-core Wolverine fan, so that’s not a bad thing, but there it is.

It’s directed (and written) by James Mangold, whose past credits include Knight and Day, 3:10 to Yuma and on TV, Vegas.  So he has the chops for putting together a good action flick.  So I’m not too worried in the creative force department.

What were your thoughts on this action fest clip from The Wolverine?

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