The Words, A Solid Story Of Love & Choices

by on December 25, 2012

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The Words, a quick movie review

The Words promo artThe Words stars Bradley Cooper, Zoe Saldana, John Hannah, Jeremy Irons, Dennis Quaid and Olivia Wilde. It’s directed by Brian Klugman (who also contributed to the screenplay) whose resume includes TRON: Legacy (Writer), and beyond that, past screen credits as an actor in various movies.

When an actor turns director, with few titles of success under their belt, I always wince at first. But I was surprised by Klugman’s work product.

The movie starts out following struggling author Rory Jansen (Cooper) and his girlfriend/wife Dora (Saldana). We follow through some of his struggling moments until, one fateful day, after marrying his girlfriend, he hits it big as a writer.

But there’s a price.

Jeremy Irons and Bradley Cooper in The Words movieThen we meet another man, an old man (Irons) who wrote a wonderful story of his own life, but never publishes it.

And our third couple of players, famous author Clay Hammond (Quaid) and aspiring writer Daniella (Wilde), whose attending Hammond’s reading of his new book called The Wordsw. She pursues him for details of a story he’s developing, while playing the game of being a big fan who wants more than his story.

With that, I leave you to wonder how it all fits together.

But as a movie, I found this flick pulling me in as I first started trying to follow the story, then wondering what will happen next, then trying to sort it all out and how it all fits together.

And that was the entertaining aspect of this entire movie, the puzzle of it all and price one must pay for success.

Dennis Quaid in The Words movieIf you’re paying attention, you’ll put it together and understand what’s up. If it’s on in the background as filler with family screaming, shouting and running about, you might get confused. This film does reqiure that you pay attention.

But paying attention, you are delivered a few powerful and wonderful stories that are sure to entertain and have your dreaming of your own dreams, desires and worries of your life.

Rotten Tomatoes has this movie rated by it’s professional critis at 22%, but IMDb users have it chalked up at 6.8/10, which I concur more with my fellow IMDb users on this one.

Bradley Cooper in The Words movie

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