The Wrestler with Mickey Rourke – A Movie Review

by on September 6, 2010

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I finally found the opportunity to watch The Wrestler, starring Mickey Rourke. Sometimes, I just don’t quite get to things as fast as I can and this is one of those fine examples! I wish I had seen this sooner, because watching it inspired me to scribble up a quick movie review and had I seen this sooner, I would have been a better person for it!

In short, The Wrestler is a powerful movie that moved this viewer to strong sympathetic connections with the character. If you’ve ever been in a pinch in life, you’ll share the desperation that Rourke’s character is dealing with. If you haven’t, Rourke will show you how it feels. It’s directed by Darren Aronofsky (Black Swan, The Fountain) & is written by Robert Siegel. The ensemble of acting, directing and writing comes together powerfully & seamlessly in this movie.

THE WRESTLER starring Mickey Rourke

The Wrestler opens with a real gritty look at Rourke’s character, Randy, and his dwindling wrestling career. It feels like a documentary in how the movie is filmed which adds to the atmosphere. As we watch some of these final matches that Randy has to endure, the message sinks in that at his age, he can’t keep up this lifestyle. Hence, the first half hour is a depressing look at the downward spiral of a man pushing his limits. But he does so because he has to. He has no other options. Yet an event happens that forces his retirement. It’s a good thing and yet you find yourself being pulled into the very depressing reality of the situation.

THE WRESTLER w Marisa Tomei

This is NOT a family film. Marisa Tomei plays someone that Randy knows, Cassidy… a stripper, and we get to see her at her job more often than not, so don’t watch this around the fam! Regardless, Marisa brings her usual down-to-earth allure to the role.

THE WRESTLER w Evan Rachel Wood

Evan Rachel Wood plays Randy’s estranged daughter. Someone he strives to re-connect with after a time of being an absentee father.

Mickey Rourke brings his low-key yet powerful presence to the role that cements the desperate energy of his character. We see the man in wrestling garb and he is one in-shape dude that I would not want to mess with!

For a low-key film, the story pulled me along as I continued to root for Randy to make the right decisions and wince at every wrong decision he makes. The same could be said for Marissa Tomei’s character who is in a similar situation and they have a certain common ground that tries to pull the two together.

In the end though, Randy can only do what he knows and that isn’t necessarily the right thing.

The Wrestler is a powerful movie about a man who either didn’t make the right decisions throughout life, or decides to to what he knows because it is all he has. If you have a quiet evening and want to be sucked in to a movie that could very well depress you, or at least let you see how some folk struggle with life’s decisions, this is it. It’s a finely woven tale of reality with an ending that may not be all that surprising.

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