There Will Be No ‘Stargate Universe’ Movie Follow Up

by on April 18, 2011

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'Stargate Universe' - the Stargate on Destiny

As we know, we’re in the final episode run of Stargate Universe (SGU) since SGU has been canceled.  We have, from today, only four more episodes to go. (“Commons Descent,” “Epilogue,” “Blockade” & “Gauntlet.”)  We also knew that the series was pulled abruptly and there will be no closure to the story since it was pulled after all filming was done for the series.  Even the cast was surprised about the cancellation and sadly, heard about the cancellation via Twitter and other venues. (UPDATE:  Check out my Stargate Universe series finale review and thoughts.)

In the back of the fans minds there has been a subtle hope that even though the series will be abruptly ended with no closure, that there might be an SGU movie in the pipe to help close out the story line.

I guess that will not be the case.

In a sad bit of news, Joseph Mallozzi was chatting in his blog about an email he received from Brad Wright that confirmed that there will be no Stargate Universe movie on the horizon.  There will be no closure to the final episode we get and we’ll have to make do with what we have.  Per a quote from Wright in a different venue talking about the non-event,

“It took too long.  We just couldn’t get it together in time, and the window has closed.”

Mallozzi points out that after 354 episodes and two DVD movies, the franchise that helped build a network, ie: the Syfy channel, is finally being put to bed.

In Mallozzi’s note, he gleaned a little light on the premise that Brad Wright had in his mind for an Stargate Universe movie and it seemed exciting, because he was looking to pull elements from all the franchise titles into this movie, but alas, the bottom line is what it is.

My emotional reaction is to get snarky and snippety with and/or about the network and MGM, the producer of the franchise, but before I go there, I have to remember it’s not about me and the few core fans that have fallen in love with  the franchise.  That getting angry and saying anything in poor taste won’t help resolve the situation and as I’ve always like to say in moments like this, “it is what it is.”  What I do recognize, and it’s something that is partially the fault of fans, is that it’s the bottom line that impacts these kind of decisions.

Before you skewer me…

The Destiny from Stargate Universe on Syfy

If DVD sales and advertiser returns had been strong enough, there would be no question about a movie or even a renewal of Stargate Universe.  But so many different things happened to affect the demise of the franchise.  But the demise of the show sat on many people’s shoulders.

First they tried to turn it dark and be like the hugely successful (and dark/depressing) Battlestar Galactica re-imagining from Ronald D. Moore.  What MGM didn’t count on was that Stargate fans were not BSG fans, so if they did pull in new demographics from the swap, they may have lost similar numbers in the core-SGU demographic.  In other words, turning Stargate dark was a failed test.  (In my mere and humble opinion.)  Battlestar Galactica could go dark in the re-imagining because the show had been off the air for a lifetime and no one had fresh opinions or feelings for the franchise.   All the while, the Stargate fan base was still reeling from the loss of a still much beloved series in Stargate Altantis.  And the reasons for that cancellation seemed nebulous back then, with no one real reason for it, except that SGU had been pitched the season before SGA’s final season, hence, the working theories were that MGM did not want to have two series running at the same time again.

I then became more worried for the future of the franchise when one of the showrunners, Robert C. Cooper left the franchise.  My hypothesis about his leaving was that he may have seen some form of writing on the wall.  Why else would you leave an 11 year old pay check source?

Then they lost viewer traction when Syfy channel moved the show to Tuesday nights.  Then they lost even more numbers when it’s partner show for Tuesday nights, Caprica, was pulled.  Both shows tanked in numbers once they were pulled off of Fridays.

Then they tried to crank it up in the action department, in response to the hoards of fans saying there was too much talk, not enough action.  They did that, and in my opinion, did it very well.  The show still has the undertone of desperation while delivering the much craved for action.  But alas, it was too late.

These moves all made it a matter of time before the inevitable happened, and that was the cancellation of the series.

'Stargate Universe' still from

That’s the most pragmatic approach I can take to this event and the most recent news.  Mallozzi does say that if you can, watch at least the first episode all over again, and if possible, the first three before seeing the final episode, “Gauntlet.”  Something about creating a bookend of sorts, pair of episodes.

He also dropped a one liner without much else explaining it, but noted something about a comic book project that may go as planned.

After “Gauntlet,” I’ll have more info from Mallozzi on the franchise… but for now, we wait until the final episode and know that there is no Stargate Universe movie coming down the pipe, per Gateworld.

And if you’re still hoping for those “other” Stargate movies that have had info nuggets peppered within various locations on the web, you can stop worrying about those too, sadly…

“Wright also confirmed that the proposed Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis movies have been permanently shelved, along with another movie idea he had been trying to get a greenlight on, which would have combined and involved cast members of all three series.  Scripts for the first two of those projects, tentatively titled Stargate: Revolution and Stargate: Extinction (respectively), were completed well over a year ago.”


Stay tuned in here to Cinema Static… as I hear and see new info on anything Stargate related, I’ll slap it up.  Or if you see something and I don’t, hit me up!  (See my ‘About’ page, 1st paragraph for contact info.)

(UPDATE 5/9/11:  Check out my Stargate Universe series finale review and thoughts.)

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Bruce Simmons September 9, 2011 at 7:08 am

I whole heartedly agree with you on SGA being a great series and it met its end prematurely. My guess, was to make room for SGU because they didn’t want to afford making both shows.

Have you checked out JERICHO or JOURNEYMAN? Both pretty good shows that also met their demise prematurely.

Speaking of premature deaths, this is where I toss out Joss Whedon’s FIREFLY series too!


Jim September 9, 2011 at 4:23 am

Greetings to all,

I am not disappointed with the departure of SGU, this series was boring and quite frankly the actors in it were boring. The show was too dark for a franchise that had made light of exploring/fighting in the galaxy or in SGA’s case another galaxy. Though my son is a great SG-1 fan, I didn’t care for it that much. But then my son insisted that I watch a new show one that he really thought I would like called “STARGATE ATLANTIS” and I was stunned by both the story line and the acting chemistry that was portrayed and I was deeply saddened the series ended (even though the script for the 6th season had already been written and approved!!!). I must say that more then anything, the SCI-FI channel suffers from a kind of stupid that like a disease usually kills something really really good. SGA made me appreciate and then really enjoy SG-1. Some body once said being stupid should be a crime, I heartly agree in the SCI-FI channel’s case. There hasn’t been a decent series on sci-fi or anything else on TV since. Both my son and I have decided to get rid of Comcast cable this Tuesday. Whats the point of paying for cable when there is nothing to watch. SCI-FI channel exec’s really are not that bright or SGA wouldn’t have been canceled in the 1st place.


movieman August 7, 2011 at 9:21 am

I do believe that there is an altenative for every single thing in this world, this includes the movies as well. Maybe it is true, we no longer have stargate stuff but sci-fi is on the rise these days, I am sure we will have stuff in the future which we can share with our grandchildren and they do the samee with theirs.

Paul May 25, 2011 at 8:03 pm

Farscape, Firefly, and others died way too early, now Stargate Universe. Is SciFi channel so hard up they must program Wrestling? Well at least I’ve got Sanctuary and Eureka, when these two go I go to because I haven’t seen anything else interesting lately.

De May 10, 2011 at 6:49 am

Yes, Steve, we also loved Farscape and were so enlightened that they came out with the movies to finish the storyline somewhat. I just wish Universe could have stayed on because it is a good show and it takes several years to really make a show come together. Maybe they can find another venue for them since Sci-Fy has gone to the Mat and not in a good way!

Steve May 9, 2011 at 10:14 pm

The interesting thing about this is that I have now read a half dozen blogs all saying the same thing. The message is definitely an unfortunate one, but it isn’t without precedence.

I was one of the many fans of Farscape. Way back before the name change to SciFi, and before Stargate SG-1 really got a strong foothold on the network. They did exactly the same thing to the Farscape series. The blogs and rants went almost exactly the same direction, and in the end I still don’t know if it was the massive fan “tune-out” that was threatened, or just good luck that we got a few movies to bring some closure to that show’s story line. I can only hope that eventually, much like in that case, this show will see a closing movie or two. I do recall that with Farscape they had gone so far as to box the animatronics for several of the show’s key characters prior to the movies that followed. So this can’t be any farther gone.

Robert May 9, 2011 at 7:20 pm

I am thoroughly disappointed that there will be no wrap-up movie for Stargate Universe. The franchise that basically made SyFy has been kicked to the curb like last week’s trash, which is completely unacceptable. You (SyFy executives) leave the fans with unanswered questions and storylines with no resolution. I have been a fan of the franchise since its inception, and I am now quickly losing interest in your network.
For the record, SyFy now has far fewer shows that I’m interested in watching, and I won’t spend any more time investing in new shows knowing that this is how the executives treat their long-time viewers. A wrap up movie for the franchise is the very least you, the executives, could have done. Shame on you.

De May 9, 2011 at 7:10 pm

Since 1997 which is the year my youngest son was born, my older son, who is now 20, and I have watched A Stargate and it makes my heart hurt to know that they say it is over, too late and they are done with it. This is all a bunch of bull and is a knife in the hearts of all who love this series. This series is so much more than any sci-fi series has ever been because it was so real to this day and time. The adventures and people were real and they have been killed off. If you wanted to you could bring it back and put it back on Friday nights, SCI-FY Friday, not stupid wrestling Friday. That sport is so behind the times and not for those who look to the future. Sick of all that junk on my Fridays. Give us back Stargate Universe and keep the dream alive!

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