Things You Can Do With Your Old Smartphone Once You’ve Upgraded

by on December 28, 2012

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Verizon Wireless RAZR M smartphoneDon’t Throw Away Your Old Smartphone Yet! (What You Can Do With Old Smartphones!)

The other day I upgraded from a Droid X to a Droid RAZR M.  It’s pretty cool and jumping a few years in technology between phones is a pretty impressive experience.  But more importantly, with my old phone still hooked up to my home network, it’s become an amazing go-to platform for the most interesting of purposes!

A quick note on the new phone:

Battery Life

The biggie for me, as this phone was pitched, was the battery life.  Supposedly it had a longer lifespan than most.  I know it had to be longer than my daily need to recharge my Droid X!  And if I don’t spend hours on the RAZR M, sure enough, it does last a long time.  I had charged it one Sunday night, and just using it for quick email checks and a few phone calls, I didn’t need to recharge it until Thursday night.  That was impressive indeed!

Now sure, if one were to use it for other modern day, media needs, it wouldn’t last that long.  But for someone who is looking for all the features but not heavy usage, this was pretty impressive.

Though they’ve tricked out the USB connector so that my old micro-USB cables don’t work with this new phone, forcing me to need to buy new cables.  But that’s another bit for another day.

There are other cool things about the phone, but this piece isn’t about the phone, but rather, about that old phone of mine.

My old Android powered Droid X is hooked up to my home network still and even though it can’t make calls, because it’s hooked up to the web, all the online apps are still quite functional.  Away from my wireless router, it is a technological brick!  But oh, get near some access point to the web and it really shines as a “brick.”

SiriusXM Remote Receiver

If you’ve signed up for the online streaming content from SiriusXM, then you know that your phone can now use their app to receive “most” content that they deliver.  Of course, the app will only allow one instance at a time of access, but if you can work that out in the family, then it’s pretty awesome.  For me, I listen to my “Satellite Radio” while walking to work.  It’s my quality time with my favorite channel.

But when I’m home…  I can now light up that old 2nd phone, turn the speaker phone on, and I now have a SiriusXM “receiver” that I can place anywhere in the home.  I don’t need to be near my desktop (yes I still have one) nor do I have to lug my laptop to where I am.  I now have a belt clipped receiver blaring out at me, where ever I might be in the home.

And as any subscriber well knows, some of the restrictions of needing an antenna or the right radio, can be restrictive or cumbersome.  But now, not so much for me.

Kindle Reader

I can still read my books on this bad boy!  With the way the Kindle software process now syncs up bookmarks, it’s pretty nice to have this phone at my bedside to pick up and start reading where I left off on my other device.

For those of you who might not have noticed, Kindle readers, Kindle reader software & apps now talk to the main server and keep your place up to date on whatever book you’re reading.  So If I’m reading Dracula on my new phone while out and about… later that night, while charging the new phone I can pick up this old phone and when I start Dracula, it will see where I was on my other reading device and ask me if I want to go to that latest spot.


I can still use my gmail and yahoo email apps to access my email while using this phone.  I can still even use my Facebook app.  I just recently used the old phone (because it was convenient) to take a picture and upload it to Facebook.  So this old “brick” is still pretty useful.

Self Defense/Security Feature

And now that this old phone is no longer my primary phone for receiving calls, but has effectively become a bit of a cool toy, it now has this awesome security feature.  If I find my home invaded by weapon wielding intruders, why, what the hell, now this phone can become a deadly flying weapon of self-defense!

(This is a memory spark from an old Verizon (I think) TV ad, where this guy is telling his buddy about the security feature on his phone.  His bud says “What?” and the first guy says, “Go ahead, try and take my phone.”  The 2nd guy reaches for it and the 1st guy hums it at his buddy’s head.  It’s a funny ad.)

The other day, it actually came in quite handy when transcribing text.  I was helping with editing a Kindle E-book and had my old phone opened to the issue pages.  I was writing an email pointing the author to the text issues.  But you can’t copy from a Kindle book.  Instead, I had the old phone open and I was verbally transcribing to my new one into my email app.  It worked wonderfully versus writing it all out by hand!

So the next time you might upgrade your phone, think about if you want to keep your old phone and use it as some kind of mini-computer around the house.  Heck, one of my old smartphones is a bathroom game device for those sitting moments.

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