Third ‘Transformers 3’ Promo Image Celebrating the Arrival of Thursday’s New Movie Trailer

by on April 27, 2011

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'Transformers 3' promo poster - a Cinema Static customized negativeYep, it’s becoming an event that studios announce when a movie trailer will be released.  It’s like a mini-movie, a paragraph from a novel we’re all expecting or waiting while we hold our breaths hoping for the best of what we expect of a franchise.  In this case, that franchise is Transformers 3, or Transformers Dark of the Moon from Paramount Pictures.

I wonder if anyone has ever pondered the idea of creating a series of prequel teasers… as a business practice for movie marketing?  Rather than scenes from an upcoming movie, the studios build 30 to 90 second prequels.  They can release them more often without the worries of spoiling the movie itself.    I know too many people that won’t “man up” and check out trailers because they don’t want to be spoiled or take away from any scene.  They want to go to a movie and be surprised (or disappointed) at the theater.  I get it.. I used to be that way, but watching trailers makes one learn to appreciate movies in a different way.

Oh man, I found myself way off-track!

This is an image-snippet of the released new promo image for Transformers 3 and from the looks of things, unless that’s a good guy, we humans are in for a world of hurt!

TRANSFORMERS 3 promo art - TF3_reveal_image_3-L-b


Here’s what the entire image looks like, of which you can click to ENLARGE!


Transformers 3 is opening in theaters on July 1st, 2o11.  Reportedly, to be the last of the Transformers movies from director Michael Bay.

TRANSFORMERS 3 promo poster


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