This DISH Network Spammers Are At It Again (Cheap Business Tactics)

by on September 10, 2012

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DISH Network Spam CommentsI have to give DISH Network credit. After casting off AMC due to their difference of opinions on carrier costs, they’ve taken a beating. Meaning, if you watch any of AMC’s TV shows like Breaking Bad, Hell on Wheels, etc., you’ve seen the many ads from AMC about how the shows are not on DISH any more. I figured DISH would probably change their ways a bit.

What I mean by that is that a few months back I was marking off spammer comments on this site every day or so from DISH employees. What they would do is leave a comment about the subject at hand, and inject their sales pitch about DISH and how it can help some aspect of the TV show I was talking about.

This experience cheapened my opinion of DISH after that.

I thought I was rid of DISH having their employees act as spammers around the web.

Leaving cheap spammer links or comments with links or a direct advertising campaign on another website’s comments section seems pretty cheap and doesn’t do the organization any good, as far as image goes. When a third rate entity tries to leave marketing spam in my comments, I mark it as junk and let my website do the rest. It’s a cheap practice and what I feel, disreputable practice by a business entity that should be trying to earn consumers trust and look their best. Not spamming website comment sections like third-rate fly-by-night websites.

But alas, I was wrong about DISH NETWORK, again.

I run several websites other than this one and you’ll never guess what landed in one of my comments section today? Yup, a DISH employee spamming another website’s comments section.

This is truly sad that DISH resorts to these terribly poor business tactics. Can’t they afford actual advertising? Is this really working for them?

I equate this to magnets on car doors of real estate agents. The agent thinks it’s cool to get their name out there, not realizing how worthless it is to their business. But the magnet business loves RE agents. ‘Nuff said there.

So how do I know a DISH employee is spamming me? They admit to working for DISH in their comments. To pull out a segment of their comment, I quote:

“so I got ready for work while watching it. The feature saves me time, so I had a chance to grab coffee on my way to work at Dish.”

So here’s my take on the issue… If I ever have an option between any other provider and DISH, I would never choose DISH. I won’t support cheap advertising tactics.

Pass the word around. People need to know! Share, repost, tweet, what have you. People need to know.

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