This Eighth Season of House is Its Last, The Series Has Been Canceled

by on February 8, 2012

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House M.D. TV News:

'House' Promo for season 8

Today Fox announced that the present season of House, in its eighth season, will be its last season.

Fox issued a joint statement with House executive producers David Shore, Katie Jacobs and Hugh Laurie, that House has been canceled, as in, it won’t be renewed.

“After much deliberation, the producers of House M.D. have decided that this season of the show, the eighth, should be the last. By April this year they will have completed 177 episodes, which is about 175 more than anyone expected back in 2004.”

Some fans will be saying thank god, while others will be sad to see this.

This last season has felt like a repetitive season of material that we’ve already seen and though it still has a good funny spot to it, I don’t look as forward to it as I used to.  And the new assistant they’ve added to the team, is just a mini-me House.  Different gender, shorter height, same snark.

Hence, I can do with or without it.  And that’s not a diss.  It’s just what it is.

I’ve been chatting with several peers and the perspective is curiously split down the middle as far as this latest season of House goes.

Some are done, others are still enjoying it.

You know what this means, right?  Now that it’s been announced that it will be over this year/season, and that the season finale will be the series finale, people are going to start piling in to watch the show and giving it great TV numbers.  Probably the kind of numbers that would have kept it out of the cancellation bucket.

In other notes from Fox, as The  Live Feed noted, fans are still waiting for word on Terra Nova and Fringe.

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