This is Digger on Fox and The Pre-Planning Goof by Fox

by on February 14, 2010

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Digger Cam used by Fox Sports in NASCAR

Digger Cam used by Fox Sports in NASCAR

Digger from Fox Sports for NASCAR is a phenom. A phenom that can hurt at times. I love the images that the Digger Cam gives us. They can be insightful at most and it’s an interesting angle at the least.

The fans were given the chance to name the thing as we didn’t know what we were in for.

We should have just named it “The Ground Lens.” We would never have had to tolerate all the Digger propaganda that we’ve suffered since.

Then again, I’m just taking a stab, but with all the hoopla that came out of the name, was it maybe already named and we were just tormented about the idea of naming the thing?

We’ve got cartoons, stuffed animals and other products.

Fox’s David Hill said that Digger is a blatant attempt to create yet one more revenue stream and since it has stuck around, I can only presume it’s working in some fashion. Considering that there are around 25 different Digger products out there.

Cletus from Fox Sports

If I’m not mistaken, isn’t David Hill responsible for wanting yet another cartoon mascot of a sport?

There’s Fox’s Cletus, the robot mascot for their football coverage. Which from what I seem to find is that no one likes Cletus either. Then there was the animated baseball named Slider.

By the way, I like Cletus a lot more than Digger.  I’m  a massive Iron Man fan and Cletus reminds me of Iron Man, to some extent.  But I also understand the hate-on that fans have.  Heck even my wife thinks it’s stupid and doesn’t belong down there in his corner of the TV screen, and she’s not an avid football fan / viewer.  I think Cletus needs to hit other ‘bots more often and quit dancing by himself.  I mean come on, who ends up dancing with themselves in the club-going scene?  I’m just saying…

If Digger is Hill’s creation, then egads.

When the Digger cartoon premiered during a NASCAR pre-show in 2009, I turned the pre-show off. In fact I missed every single pre-race telecast and watched what’s now known as the Syfy Channel until the green flag.

Your cartoon, which didn’t seem to have any real substance, drove me away from every single edition of the NASCAR pre-race telecast. Oops. Sorry Fox.

There is Another Digger Out There!

Did you know that this cartoon Digger from NASCAR is the first animated Digger? Think again. Or more to the point, maybe David Hill should have looked this one over a little more closely.

Digger from Lamisil

Digger from Lamisil

Lamisil has its own Digger that burrows under your toenail and needs medication to be removed. Ick.

Digger represents onychomycosis or toe nail fungus.  … Nice job Hill.

Here’s a great team up:

Digger can man Digger

Digger can man Digger

There’s more on Digger, his cam and his animated consurtium over on The Daly Planet at NASCAR Fan Council Wants to Know about Digger.  That too is a great read for more info in the fung… I mean NASCAR mascot.

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diane Fitzpatrick April 7, 2013 at 1:30 pm

Please bring Digger back. Cut the commentators time on screen or salary if needed. We miss you Digger!!!!

Sue Howell February 10, 2010 at 1:12 pm

Meet the REAL gopher named Digger

He’s a Botta’s Pocket Gopher….and safe from speeding race cars.

Read Digger’s story at .

My family are long-time fans of NASCAR and we’ll once again be at LVMS in February. WERC’s Digger has a reserved seat in section F turn 4, at the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Race in Las Vegas, Sunday, February 28 and will be in attendance with his own (human) pit crew—if he is able to get through gate security.

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