Those Who Beat Alpacas To Death, Well, Rot in Hell People

by on May 13, 2010

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I was sent this MSNBC article on the beating death of a 3-month old Alpaca in Ohio. Apparently Two 17-year old boys have been charged with the crime.

That’s a shame. It really is a shame that the boys were caught by the law. Alpacas are probably one of the sweetest, nicest animal I have ever met. It’s like giant puppy dogs with no out-of-control behavior or barking!


And for the mentality of an individual to grab an alpaca from someone’s property and club it to death befuddles me. Just befuddling.

Personally, I was hoping that ranchers would encounter the scoundrels and “talk” with them.

I not only shame the kids, I stand in shock that parents could raise children with such despicable morals. But yea… I’m a serious believer of an eye for an eye. And I rarely let go until it’s been Justified! LOL. At least in extreme cases like this!

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