Timothy Olyphant Returns Feb 9th in Justified

by on December 21, 2010

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Timothy Olyphant in Justified

FX finally announced the return date of their modern day cowboy cop series, Justified, as being Feb 9th, 2011.

Justified stars Timothy Olyphant as Marshal Raylan Givens whose slightly troublesome ways lands him in a gig of being stationed at his home town in Kentucky. (It’s a kind of punishment actually.)

You see, at the beginning of season one of Justified, he gave an evil-doer 24 hours to get out of town (Miami was it?). When Raylan showed up 23 hours and 55 minutes after his ultimatum, the naer-do-well became nervous and pulled his gun, but Raylan had to shoot him… it was a … Justified shooting. But since he seems to keep getting into this situations, the U.S. Marshall’s service decided to put him somewhere quiet for a while. I guess that’s not working out so well!

For me, Justified was my first real exposure to Timothy Olyphant and he pulls off a steely-eyed, steel-nerved Marshal pretty well. With ex-wives in town, hot-for-him girl friends and the regular sort of bad guys roaming around town, Marshall Givens is plenty busy.

What I like about him is that despite being as tough as he seems, he has his moments where he gets his ass kicked and he admits he’s getting to old to be losing fights. (I hear ya there man! It seems to hurt more than the norm.)

New Justified cast members include Joseph Lyle Taylor (100 Centre Street) and Brad William Henke (October Road). They join other new cast members Margo Martindale (Mercy) and Jeremy Davies (Lost).

Martindale will be playing Mags Bennett, who is the matriarch of the Bennett family. Of course the significance of that is that the Bennets have been pot farmers and bootleggers and that puts them right dab square in the sights of Raylan Givens.

My question is if Walton Goggins will return or not. Probably not since Raylan put down the Crowder family. Goggins played Boyd Crowder who used to Raylan’s best friend but his evil ways put them at odds end. Through the first season Boyd found God and I never really figured out if that was being honest or some ploy. In the end of last season, we say Boyd walk away as Raylan let him. Raylan had caught bigger fish already.

For now, we wait. Justified season 2 comes back February 9th, and believe-you-me, I’ll be right there waiting for the premiere!

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