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by on April 9, 2011

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Cinema Static on Brusimm logoA few weeks back, a Cinema Static reader left a question in one of my casting call articles asking how someone can become an actor. In other words, what does it take, what does one have to focus on and other such details. I wanted to be able to give an answer to my reader’s question.

I reached out to Wendy Shepherd from Studio Matrix asking for any advice that any of her associates might have. Two folks offered up suggestions based on their experiences in the industry. These insights were provided by actress/producer and casting director Amie Barsky & actor/producer Paul J. Alessi.

Amie Barski’s career, in IMDb, has her earliest credit in the year 2000 with The Lyricist Lounge Show. Since then, she’s either been in, produced or co-produced 15 different film and/or video titles.

She’s attended the University of the Arts and has trained at Howard Fine Acting Studio, Groundlings, Cameron Thor Studios & Improv Olympic.

Her work history includes voice Over, film, music video, theater, commercial & television work.

Paul J. Alessi’s earliest IMDb credit is on the TV series Courage in 2000. Since then he’s been in, produced or co-produced over 20 projects.

He’s received training at the Friends and Artists Studio, Cameron Thor Studios, Harry Mastrogeorge Theatre & Professional Workshop.

He’s worked in film and television and has won’ Best Male Actor 2006′ at the Independent Film Festival of North Texas for his work in Morphin(e) and ‘Best Actor in 2009’ ReelHeART Film Festival for Knuckle Draggers.

I humbly provide the information, their thoughts that these two actors have so generously provided exclusively to Cinema Static. Here are their perspectives on what you would need to focus on if you’re thinking about pursuing an acting career:

Amie Barsky:

Amie BarskyWant to be an Actor?

What does it take? It takes many things to be an actor but in my opinion it takes guts, passion and a VERY thick skin. There is a lot of rejection in the daily life as an actor, you may have done an amazing job at your audition, and that is your job, but it might not be what they are looking for. You can’t give up because someone said “no”….that’s just their opinion, that does not validate your talent so go knock on the next door.

How to get started……first and foremost, study, study, study!! There are professionals that still study when they are not filming! It is so important to keep exploring and learning about yourself. If you have never taken acting classes and are serious about it, do your research and find a very reputable studio, acting coach or improv school. Build a strong foundation and start reading scripts and plays to see what types of characters you see yourself playing. With technology these days you can use an iphone or any other digital camera you have to start practicing your camera technique. Start auditioning for student films and local plays to build up your resume and demo reel. These tools are very important to have for when you are ready to start looking for an agent or manager.

– Amie Barsky ( )


Paul J. Alessi:

Paul J. AlessiWhat do you need to get into acting? That is a great question.

Well in my opinion you need to look at a couple of things first, perseverance and being able to take repeated rejection. If you are confident that you have what it takes, talent would be my next move. I would find a repeatable acting class, start studying as much as possible and start meeting other actors and networking. Gravitate to the actors that have talent, that special “it” thing and charisma. Start building a network within the entrainment business by working on anything that can help you build your credits, work on your craft and get tape on yourself. Once you have enough footage to put together an acting reel you can start to look for representation.

I think I am getting a bit a head of the question so I will stop here. But I will say there are a few things I believe you need to excel in this business and they are perseverance, connections, luck and talent. Now there are many ways to skin a cat but these are my thoughts.

Good luck and follow your dreams! I know I am. – Paul J. Alessi

( )


Do you folks see a theme here? Perseverance, study and training. (And yes, they are together, as in married.  Sorry boys and gals.)

Many thanks to Amie and Paul for sharing their thoughts on the matter. We all appreciate the time they took to put together these Cinema Static exclusive bits of advice on getting into acting. And thanks again to Wendy Shepherd (Studio Matrix) for hooking us up.

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Bruce Simmons April 9, 2011 at 9:29 am

Score! That is so awesome Ieschia. Congrats on landing the extra gig and thanks for letting us know how it went!

Ieschia April 9, 2011 at 9:03 am

Thank you for that. I am actually driving back home to Florida from GA. It’s so funny I saw the 1st season of vampire diaries and said I want to be on that show a month later I got an email to attend as an extra. So I drove to GA and accomplished what I wanted to do(Determination). I had a great time on set everyone was so nice and I learned a lot by watching what was going on around me and listening to directions. Being on set as an extra has actually made me more determined than ever. I am so excited to go full force into this.

Thank you

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