Titanic 2 Coming Soon To A Well, Whatever

by on July 28, 2010

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Titanic 2

Yes, you did read right, Titanic II or TITANIC 2. It comes from the brain trust called The Asylum Home Entertainment. That’s the production company that puts together those incredibly awesome (cough!) movies for the Syfy Channel and straight to VHS and DVD movies.

They’ve “produced” such “mega” hits as

  • Paranormal Entity
  • Mega Piranha
  • MegaFault
  • Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus
  • Max Knight: Ultra Spy
  • The Day the Earth Stopped
  • 2012 Doomsday
  • 2012: Supernova
  • AVH: Alien vs. Hunter
  • 30,000 Leagues Under the Sea
  • Universal Soldiers
  • Transmorphers
  • Transmorphers: Fall of Man
  • Meteor Apocalypse

etc, etc. They have over 200 film titles to their illustrious credits, believe it or not!

BUT WAIT… here’s what they have in production:

  • Mega Python vs. Gatoroid
  • #1 Cheerleader Camp

As you can see, they have a pattern of paying homage to the real hits in the theaters or coming to the theaters… and now… it’s Titanic II.

And since actors have to work, we have Bruce Davidson and Brooke Burns in the mix!

Now you ask how they manage I say, that’s because people do buy their stuff and watch their stuff… they are the masters of mockery, extra spurty blood and B movies beyond B movies. B-squared movies! They make movies just good enough for almost 2 million viewers a night for the fare that is played on Syfy Channel.

That’s how… so sit back, get a tiny handful of popcorn and enjoy the trailer to the much awaited sequel this century! Titanic 2!



This bear is due out sometime in August and I’m not sure if it’s headed straight to VHS (Just kidding you know) or when / if it will be aired on the Syfy Channel. Me, I’ve had my fun for the day. Cheers, from Cinema Static on Brusimm.

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Loch February 2, 2011 at 10:35 pm

My teacher is in this movie, I am watching it to see him die!

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