‘Titanic at 100’ From History Channel: A DVD Review

by on June 8, 2012

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'Titanic at 100' a DVD and TV reviewTitanic at 100 runs nearly 90 minutes of informational entertainment from A&E Home Entertainment.  In this show, scientists search the 15-square-mile debris field and it is mapped out for all to see. Afterwards, they investigate various aspects of evidence they discover.  If you’re into anything about the Titanic, I think this DVD is for you!

On the Jean Charcot, the newest Titanic expedition heads out to sea in Titanic at 100.  Their main goal is to not violate the wreck site, second, to completely map out the crash site.

They address the status of one of it’s images, was that it was unsinkable, as they also look for evidence to determine if there was some form of failure in the boat that contributed it to it sinking.

Upon arrival, they have a memorial ceremony, remembering the passengers.  And then they git on with their task!

They question why the captain was charging full-speed, into ice.

Why there weren’t enough life boats?

Were the rivets or other materials faulty?  They asked that because of how the boat broke when sinking.

Headed to the crash site, they had a map of where previous expeditions had traversed.  In this show, this expedition, they were interested in the voids and gaps in that overlay of transits.

They were finding things that helped fill in gaps of information with what they were finding.  And as they discover them, we get to see the pieces and where on the map this new piece is noted.

And this is just from the first half of the program.  Then they go into “CSI Titanic” mode and start investigating different aspects of the wreckage.

I’m not saying anything else…  I’ll leave the last part of the show for you to discover!  And I have to say, if you have an investigative sleuth inside you, you will love it.  Between eye-witness accounts and new discoveries, they fill in many holes in many theories.  And there were some pretty neat details finishing out the show.

What a fascinating show.  That’s what I have to say after being lucky enough to watch the screener sent to me from A&E Home Entertainment.

If you are a fan, collector or want some new information for your own investigative hobby, I think this show is a definite must-have for your collection!



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