TNT Extends ‘The Closer’ With Possible Spin-Off in Mind

by on January 30, 2011

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The Closer Spin-Off

TNT told EW that they’re looking to extend the premise of The Closer by ordering six more episodes of this, the last season of The Closer with the idea that these final/extra episodes will be preparing the viewers for a potential new spin-off series.

They’re calling the last six episodes a swan song for the series star, Kyra Sedgwick, whose character will be introducing the new lead character for the spin-off.

Right now TNT is calling the spin-off for The Closer, Major Crimes.  It’s the working title.

Major Crimes will be looking at what happens to the crooks that aren’t sent to Death Row that probably should be.  It will be, what they call a gritty, behind-the-scenes look at the realistic angle of today’s criminal justice system.

No cast has been announced yet for Major Crimes, and they’ve noted that this final season of The Closer has been the most-watched, averaging 8.4 million viewers per episode.

A Cinema Static Reflection

Hey gang, I always find it amazing that while a show is pacing itself in a solid run, it gernates good but not great TV ratings.  But as soon as we find out that  a show is ending, we all pile in to watch.

It’s a shame we do this.  (I’m including myself in this.)  If we were all on-board with a show like we are when a show is ending, there’s a great chance that  this, or any other show, would not end.

But then again, we obviously find other shows more appealing and slide on over to watch that show.  Then a show that we love, falls by the wayside.  Much like when the friends we know we have out there,  but don’t call much.  We just know they’re there.  But a TV show needs us to call every week.  This lets the advertisers know we watch it and that it deserves their funding.  Otherwise, this business of TV, lets our emotional favorites fall into the bucket of shows we used to love watching.

source: Inside TV.

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