To The Joss Whedon Naysayers, I Think The Reviews Speak for Themselves

by on April 30, 2012

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When the news first broke that Joss Whedon was selected to direct Marvel’s superhero movie, The Avengers, I had a few thoughts.

First was “Awesome!” The second thought was, that it was about time that Joss got his big break and given a chance at something very tentpole!

But I had noticed a vocal section of fans out there that didn’t seem too enthusiastic about Whedon being chosen to helm The Avengers. I know we all have our perspectives on things, but I also suspected that maybe these grumblers were those who never watched or didn’t like Whedon’s previous genre of work and never had the chance to experience what he can do with his subtle, exquisitely timed sense of humor and his sheer insight into how he approaches character development.

Joss Whedon’s humor rides this fine line of blatantly sardonic and dry that slides in there and smacks you upside the head and for me, is definitely something to appreciate. And how he delivers plot content using an ensemble cast is an art form, in and of itself. But unless you’ve seen any of the TV series he’s helmed, like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, or Angel, or Firefly or Dollhouse, you might not have known that. And I can’t fault anyone for that. (FYI: Did you know he was the story editor for the Roseanne TV show?)

Joss Whedon director of 'The Avengers' moviesBut what had me confident in his ability to helm a large, silver screen project, was how he handled Serenity. In Serenity, the story moves forward telling you what’s going on in present time while we learn about character history and all the while, not taking away from the present. He took that entire cast and moved each character into their own spotlight at different times throughout the film and did so without it being distracting.

And every time I watch that movie, I (used to) ask myself why he doesn’t get a directorial gig for a new silver screen gig? He has put pen to paper, so to speak and was the scribe behind Toy Story, Alien: Resurrection, Titan A.E. and Atlantis: The Lost Empire.

(Above image: Joss is either A: Playing with his toy or B: Waiting for the right moment to add to his souvenir collection!)

And then it was announced that he was chosen to direct The Avengers. And the entire Whedonverse, in one collective, whooped it up that day.

Joss Whedon Comics

Joss has experience with Marvel properties so I wasn’t too worried from that aspect. He’s delivered the Astonishing X-Men title and put out Runaways. And from what reviews and such that are trickling in, it seems like he’s taken this Marvel/Disney project and pulled another franchise together and hit it out of the park.

His other comic properties include the Dark Horse mini-series, Fray, several Buffy centric titles, Angel based series, Serenity prequel comics and other dabblings.

Joss Whedon Web & Indie Efforts

After Dollhouse, it seemed to me that Joss had an underlying frustration and later, we discover, through a well worded set of statements, made it clear that he was done playing within an old-school metrics system that looked to revamp what is/was already successful. So he quietly put together this little side-project called Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog. with a few friends of his: Neil Patrick Harris, Nathan Fillion, Felicia Day and even Joss’s brother, Jed was in it!

I’ve never been drawn to musical-based entertainment, but he hit it out of the park (there I go again using that phrase) with this one. And he first released it to the entire world, for free.

After having proven that when he is released to create, under his own cognizance, without TV network restrictions and concerns, the message was sent that he can connect to the audience rather nicely.

And now.

Joss Whedon’s New Projects

Now he as two projects in a post-production state, a movie called In Your Eyes and Much Ado About Nothing.

The In Your Eyes story is about two people who are polar opposites, but find that they have connections that neither one of them foresaw!

It stars Nikki Reed, Steve Howey, Zoe Kazan, Jennifer Grey and others. It’s been referred to as a supernatural romance.


Then there’s Much Ado About Nothing, where Joss is tackling the retelling of the classic Shakespeare comedy, and this project has Nathan Fillion, Fran Kranz, Amy Acker, Clark Gregg, Alexis Denisof, Ashley Johnson, Sean Maher and others.

(It looks like Avengers SHIELD agent Coulson (Gregg) is being adopted into the Whedon family of trusted cast!)

Nice… I can’t wait to see how he does outside of his SHIELD gig. (Shhh…. and you know what I mean.)


Oh, and both these movies are being produced by Bellwether Pictures… which is Joss and Kai Cole’s production company.

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