Today Saw Three TV Cancellations – 666 Park Avenue & Last Resort

by on November 16, 2012

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tv newsToday news on the street was that Partners, 666 Park Avenue and Last Resort were cancelled.

I am not aware of the situation with Partners, but ABC will be airing all thirteen episodes of both 666 Park Avenue and Last Resort.

I can’t say I’m disappointed.

When I first checked out the 666 Park Avenue premier, it did not grab my imagination.  When that violinist was sucked back into the building in the season premiere teaser, I rolled my eyes.

I wanted to like the show because I like Terry O’Quinn.  But this mystical angle killed my enthusiasm and I never made it past the first episode.

Last Resort cast photo

Last Resort on the other hand, did have my imagination engaged the moment I saw the TV ads.  But when the premiere hit, there was a lot of shaky ground they covered.  At least for me.

I tried a few episodes, but somethings happened way too fast in the show.

One of the points that lost it for me was how characters were talking about their classified projects in bars and in bed.  I started losing my connection to the show with those aspects.

And then we had three factions of sailors on the ship with different agendas.  Factions that seemed so deep and with the potential of hostility, that it was confusing.

Never mind the mystery agenda in Washington who called those first missile strikes.  I never stuck around for that.  And a local islander taking over a NATO station… yep… just too much for me.

Nah, too many mysterious loose ends that did not feel that rooted in the world of the DoD.

I have nothing for you on Partners.  I never caught the show.

So, sorry to the fans of Partners, 666 Park Avenue and Last Resort, but their days are coming to a close.  It was being predicted for a few weeks now by industry experts.

I just hope that the shows have some kind of closure at the end of these original 13-episode seasons.  It would be unfortunate for those already invested in the shows to not have some kind of closure.


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