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Ridley Scott’s brother, Tony Scott, passed away by his own hand earlier this week. R.I.P. good sir.

Tony Scott and Tom Cruise on set of 'Days of Thunder'

RUMORS on the street say he had inoperable brain cancer. Other rumors or news say he left a comprehensive collective of notes behind for family and friends. More rumors or news said he did not have a brain tumor. (Who the hell first tossed out the cancer card?)

We’ll know for sure in due time. If it was cancer, I must say that it was a brave thing to do, knowing what path lay before him and choosing not to drag himself, his family or his friends through it. I’ve encountered cancer in my family a few times over the last few years and it is an ugly course of “survival,” if you can call it that.

In the mean time media outlets are scrambling to be the first to get new tidbits of bullshit out on the wire. Whether they’re correct or not is another matter. And those articles are baiting the “cancer can be cured” conspiracy trolls in the comments section. People, if it could be cured, it would be happening, period. Too many people would be jumping on a cure if it was out there working. Gimme a break! (I can’t believe how some of the message boards/comment sections have been allowed to break down talking about this sad event.)

Denzel Washington and Tony Scott in Man on Fire

Let’s dabble in What I DO KNOW

Forget all the conjecture flying around. What I do know is that Tony Scott had 30 projects in different stages of development, 43 movie titles & 23 TV series to his credit, 3 movies and 3 TV shows in production.

What Tony Scott Was Working On

Movies that were in actual production from Mr. Scott included Out of the Furnace (starring Christian Bale), Stoker with Nicole Kidman and a scif fi project called Ion.

One of the projects (optioned) he was associated with was titled Wool, based on the hit indie book series by Hugh Howey.

TV projects included Killing Lincoln starring Billy Campbell, Coma mini-series (for A&E) and a mini-series titled Labyrinth.

Tony Scott passes away - image with Mickey Rourke on the set of 'Domino'The number of movies he brought us was crazy because many of them were popular titles.

Prometheus – Producer (2012)
The Grey – Exec Producer (2011)
Unstoppable – Producer, Director (2010)
The A-Team – Producer (2010)
The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3 – Producer, Director (2009)
The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford – Exec Producer (2007)
Deja Vu – Director (2006)
Man on Fire – Producer, Director (2004)
Spy Game – Director (2001)
Enemy of the State – Director (1998)
True Romance – Director (1993)
The Last Boy Scout – Director (1991)
Days of Thunder – Director (1990)
Beverly Hills Cop II – Director (1987)
Top Gun – Director (1986)


Call of Duty ELITE: Friday Night Fights – Exec Producer
The Good Wife – Exec Producer
The Pillars of the Earth – Exec Producer
Numb3rs – Exec Producer
The Andromeda Strain – Exec Producer

Tony Scott had a hand in many a project that entertained movie and TV fans over the years and I’m guessing no matter who you are or how old you may be, I’m betting everyone, at one time or another has been riveted by a story/project of his.

With the snuffing out of his candle, Hollywood, the world, his friends and family, have lost a treasure. And this moment, like so many others, goes to show you how quick someone can be in your life, and then not. Regardless of the reason how they left us.


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