‘Total Blackout’ on Syfy, A TV Review

by on April 27, 2012

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Syfy channel LogoI’ve seen Total Blackout on the Syfy channel and lights out is an interesting parable for the show.

The premise of Total Blackout on Syfy is for contestants to identify various things in the dark.  The trick to the challenge is that they do it in a darkened room and can’t see past the end of their noses.  The premise has promise but within the 30-minute season premiere, it started getting old pretty fast.

The contestants faced various obstacles.  Three were cockroaches and teddy bears in fish tanks.  There were food substances that needed taste testing… the trick here was that the samples were put on the bellies of various models of different…  physical statures.  They also had a smelling contest.

The fish tanks were interesting. But the jumpy contestants, though funny at first, got seriously old.

The food substance test was interesting, again at first.  But there were moments of disgusting in there too, depending on the model.  The same jumpy people stayed jumpy.

The smelling contest was just shameful.  A woman smelling an old shoe and thinking it was some food item did a number on me… and smelling an armpit of a half naked plump guy didn’t do anything for me either.

Each round was an elimination round where no one knew who was eliminated until they all jumped on a panel in the floor.  The eliminated person’s panel would release and they would fall through and disappear.

All in all, it was a cute gimmick for the first 15 minutes but it got old quickly.  Oh, and the winner of the episode got themselves a whopping $5 grand.  That’s it.

If you missed Total Blackout, you didn’t miss much.  The ads might have shown the best parts.  Sorry Syfy… but this non-sci fi project was probably your worse effort to supplement the rest of your reality TV programming.

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