‘Transformers 3’ News (Or Not) On The Twins Being In It

by on May 14, 2011

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Transformers Autobots skids and mudflapI noticed this morning that several websites are going gangbusters a report that the Transformers twins Skids (or Skidz) and Mudflap will be returning to the franchise in Michael Bay‘s third installment called Transformers: Dark of the Moon. (AKA, Transformers 3).  (Some pretty large, ‘name’ websites have gone with this one.)

There’s much subtle and not so subtle trashing and bashing on the premise that previously Michael Bay has said, flat out, that The Twins won’t be in Transformers 3.  He’s stated it in an interview and drove the point home in April when he clarified with this response about the Autobot Twins:

“They’re not even in it. Not. Even. In. It.”

Now I’ve seen news go hog wild off of erroneous Twitter reports and such in the past.  We’ve even seen where the web thought that Bay was not filming in 3D, which brought the man himself out to make some strong statements about websites.  But everyone makes a mistake.  It happens and at times, can’t be avoided to be honest with you.  No matter how well meaning anyone is.

So why am I repeatedly noting the premise ‘mistake’ in this article?

Because I backtracked through several layers of sourcing to the original article on Topless Robot.  That original source article has been updated with an apology that notes that he originally based his new article on another article that was actually a year old and that he did not notice the year in the date until after they wrote it.  Kudos for the fix gang.

In Closing

Despite The Twins having been spotted by folks on the set of Transformers 3 in their automobile form in 2010, and everyone eager to make light of Michael Bay using his marketing slight-of-hand to keep us off balance, it may still be accurate information that the Twins are not in the movie.  So don’t fret yet gang!  I think they’ve put in their stereotype bashers this time around, if some sites are correct, in how they handle the NASCAR Transformers!  And no, it doesn’t upset me if that will be the case.  It’s just humor and if anyone bites into that stereotype, it’s on them.

Here’s the article TR spotted over on TFW2005.  I could see where one see’s the month and day and gets completely distracted by the news itself.  . .

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