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by on January 23, 2011

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The following on the set photos from Transformers 3, aka Transformers: Dark of the Moon, are some new pics (for me) that I came across a few days ago from the Transformers 3 Facebook page! I thought I’d share a few of the behind the scenes pics with you guys. (I only snagged a few of them because it just doesn’t seem right snagging the entire collection of someone’s images!)

The first Transformers 3 set pic is the header image that the Transformers 3 Facebook page is using for its logo right now. I thought that was totally cool headshot of Shockwave…

Below, are two Shia LaBeouf on-the-set images that I found interesting. The first one is Shia inside Bumblebee and it looks like Shia is doing his trademarked ‘Sam” screaming or grumbling. I have to say, he has a great “panicked” persona with his Sam portrayal.

The second one if even more fascinating in that you can see Shia is pretty dirty and has some gear strapped to his character but more of note, is that we see he is wearing a harness/rig that will be used to airlift him somewhere… whether it be from being tossed (yet again) across a room by a Decepticon or a close-up as he jumps or lands in a scene, who knows, but he’s strapped up and looking like he’s contemplating what he’s about to do for the next scene.

The third pic looks like the aftermath of what happens after I’ve been in a rental car… or a scene of devastation from Transformers: Dark of the Moon. That yellow spot looks like a taxi and not Bumblebee. Each image is clickable and you need to do it twice to get to the larger image, though they aren’t that much larger.


There are more in the Transformers 3 On The Set Facebook photo album of the Transformers: Dark of the Moon fan page. Go check out the rest.. there’s one of Rosie over there.

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