‘Transformers 3? Super Bowl Ad Info

by on February 1, 2011

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When Super Bowl XLV comes around, some of us will be watching the game, some of us will be watching for the ads and some of us will be in overload watching for everything! Or some of us will be looking out for the newest Transformers 3 movie trailer!

Transformers 3 - Shockwave

In the case of Transformers 3, we’ve already seen the first teaser trailer come out and all fanboys and fangirls (fanpeople?) are waiting for that 2nd movie trailer due out during the Super Bowl!

But there will be 2 ads that are pitching the new Michael Bay film.  One will be the movie trailer and one will be a Chevy automobile ad pitching the movie in the process.

Chevy is running spots in the 1st, 2nd and 4th quarters of the game, with additional spots in the follow-up drama, Glee.  The cars being pushed in the ads will be the Camaro, Cruze Eco, Silverado HD and Volt.

If you remember, I dug up a line-up of TV Ads for the Super Bowl so we have a great idea of what products will be getting pitched at us.

It’s just a matter of when the Transformers 3 ads, during the Super Bowl, will come on the tube!

[tfw2005],  [tfw2005:  Images of Chevy commercial being filmed]


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