Transformers 3 Toy Descriptions Continue to Grow

by on January 26, 2011

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Transformers 3 Toy Descriptions

As we slowly approach the release date of Transformers 3 (Transformers: Dark of the Moon), I’ve been somewhat surprised how much activity has been going on in regards to the release of the movie-associated toy lines.

It seems like every day there’s a new toy image being released.  Sometimes, the images are released too early and Hasbro’s legal team will pounce with Cease and Desist requests.  They professionally left theirs in the comments section of a Bumblebee toy article.  The pics are so numerous that I’ve run out of steam trying to keep up with them.  But of late, a website called Kapow Toys has put up a listing to the assortment of movie-related toys that are coming out for Transformers 3.

One of the sets includes an Ark set…

For example:

1) Transformers Movie 3 Mechtech Deluxe Assortment

New Mechtech weapons system features an assortment of new key transformers movie 3 characters. Includes new deployable mechtech weapon system that works with other mechtech assortments. Deployable weapons attach and convert in both modes

2) Transformers Movie 3 Mechtech Voyager Assortment

New Mechtech weapons system features an assortment of new key transformers movie 3 characters. Larger scale voyagers include bigger mechtech weapons that can be attached at multiple points in both robot and vehicle mode.


1) Cyberverse Legion Assortment

Create the massive and immersive transformers world. Cyberverse Legion delivers smaller scale key characters and aspirational styling that is seen throughout the transformers world. This is the entry price point for Cyberverse and Transformers.

2) Cyberverse Commander Assortment

Create the massive and immersive transformers world. Play out the heroic story with a collection of larger scale more prominent figures from the transformers world. Large roster of key recognisable characters drive collectability

3) Cyberverse Ark Playset

The Cyberverse Ark is the capstone of the Cyberverse world. The Ark provides 2 in 1 play as it converts from vehicle mode to battle station. Includes light, sound and projectiles as well as multiple battle scenario play. Also includes a figure.

7) Energon Shock Sword

Key weapon used by the nest forces and a key character in the movie 3 battles. Automatic converting weapon converts from cybertronian weapons into the energon shock sword used to protect earth from the decepticons.

4) Stealth Force Bumblebee

With the push of a button Bumblebee unleashes a fury of offensive and defensive weapons in a dramatic reveal. Also with lights and sound for more realism, only this Bumblebee with allow boys to play out full vehicle battling.

I thought some of these were interesting, and you can go check out Kapow Toys for the entire list if you’re interested.  There are no images in this particular article, just listings.

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Bruce Simmons January 26, 2011 at 7:46 pm

LMAO… OK, that made my day Mr. I.P. Lawyer… thanks for the chuckle!

I. P. Lawyer, Esq. January 26, 2011 at 6:31 pm

We represent Stupid Toys, Inc. in intellectual property matters. As you may know, Stupid Toys, Inc. (“Stupid”) makes stupid toys associated with the Transforming Robots comic books and movies. We are contacting you via your comments because we’re lazy and don’t feel like printing and mailing things. Besides, you totally know this is legit because I’ve included my email address and only special legit-type businesses can get email addresses. Anyway, because your website has displayed, without authorization, confidential and/or protected descriptions, rumors and/or toy figures that are totally all over the internet and easy to find and really haven’t changed much in 20 years that are connected with the 2011 release of the Transforming Robots 3: Shady Area of the Moon movie. Specifically, Stupid has been working on a toy line associated with the yet-to-be-released Transforming Robots 3 movie that some idiot leaked info about. As such, Stupid’s toys associated with this movie are highly confidential and all over the internet for anyone to see.

It has come to our attention that descriptions of Stupid’s toys associated with Transforming Robots 3 were posted on In the interest of keeping Stupid’s injuries to a minimum even though this will probably help sales if anything, we DEMAND that you immediately take down the confidential and/or protected stuff concerning the descriptions, rumors and/or toy figures that are connected with the 2011 release of Transforming Robots 3: Shady Area of the Moon. Further, Stupid DEMANDS that you delete the written references or discussions regarding the features or attributes regarding the protected descriptions, rumors and/or toy figures. Moreover, Stupid DEMANDS that you immediately cease and desist from hosting the unauthorized stuff on your website. Finally, we DEMAND that you do not delete any account information related to the IP addresses of the idiots that uploaded these images and all logs associated with such transaction so that we can totally do nothing with this information and never ask for it ever.

We hope you have enjoyed this cyber bullying by a large corporation’s army of lawyers and if you have any questions, too bad.

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