‘Transformers 3’ Voyager Megatron Toy Video Review & Instruction

by on February 6, 2011

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'Transformers 3' Shockwave Movie Poster

I came across a YouTube “instructional” video on how to transform the Voyager Megatron toy associated with the new Michael Bay movie, Transformers: Dark of the Moon. In the video, I’ve discovered a few things.  It seems a lot of bots in Transformers 3 have huge guns / cannons that mount on their alternate vehicle modes, at least from what I’ve conjectured from around the web and what YouTube user  747turtle shows us in his demonstration with Megatron.

I also find it incredible to think of how the toy manufacturer had to come up with the design where this tanker truck can convert into Megatron.

The only constructive point about tat 747turtle had was the construction of the hood / cape, being soft rubber and hard to press the pegs into the body of the Decepticon.

Otherwise, the man behind the camera does a fantastic job of reviewing the transformation process of the Voyager Megatron toy.

A few select points include

  • The Detailed face damage from the previous movie,
  • The great ball-joint head,
  • An 8-pack set of abs,
  • The Cape / hood to hide the face.

Check it out.  It’s a thirteen minute video but it is done so well that the time flies by:



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