‘Transformers: Dark of the Moon’ & DVD Tricky Sales Stunts

by on September 30, 2011

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Transformers 3Hey gang, as you all might be aware, the Transformers: Dark of the Moon (Transformers 3) DVD/Blu-ray went on sale today online and in stores and on your In-Demand rental menus.

It’s pretty exciting that Transformers: Dark of the Moon has finally come out for the home entertainment market.  Right?

You might want to put the brakes on before you head out to your local consumer electronics store to snatch up this newest release.

Wha?  Why in heck are you telling us to hold-our-britches Bruce?  That’s what I bet you’re asking right now.

Here’s what I’m thinking gang:

If all you want is the movie and only the movie in your possession, then go for it gang!  Have at and like me, enjoy!


If you’re looking for all the features, extras, unseen footage, interviews and behind-the-scenes stuff that may or may not make ownership of the DVD/Blu-ray of Transformers: Dark of the Moon, then you might want to hang on there and save your money for a bit longer.

The discs of Transformers 3 that came out today is just the movie and nothing more.  No extras on the DVD.  NOTHING.  It’s all movie and only movie.  (Quick upfront disclaimer:  It’s not just this movie.  It’s just the movie that triggered the brain cell(s) that had been pondering this situation.)

'Transformers 3' Shockwave head shot

I’m a bit disappointed.  I headed out and snagged my copy today because I wanted this movie to add to my collection of, yes, Transformers franchise movies.  But my previous DVD’s, I  just happened to have waited and got a few extras on those DVD’s.  But not today.

Remember when Avatar destroyed the Blu-ray/DVD record books?  That  too was a movie-only first sale wave, and then the packages with all the extras came out.

Optimus Prime from 'Transformers 3'

Today is the bare-bones, movie-only disc sales day.

It’s like when you charge over to your cable box to rent a new release movie.  It’s the same process.  Today, the standard movie format.  In a few weeks, the extended cut will be available

If you’re patient, you won’t fall prey to the sales tactic of snagging your money twice.  That’s, if you’re patient enough.

Now don’t get me wrong, there’s obviously a large enough market for those who can afford to buy the movie twice.  That’s cool for them and for the home entertainment wing of the studios.  But for some, it’s not a doable reality and can suck to see the new packaging with all the goodies come out weeks after they’ve spent their saved bucks on the initial release.  Plus, if people didn’t fall for it and participate in this, it wouldn’t happen.  But hey, the patient folks will wait for the cool packages.

I wasn’t.  Oops!  I”m watching Transformers 3 now, while writing this consumer opinion piece now!

'transformers 3' bumblebee head shot

(If you’re curious, Cinema Static’s movie review of Transformers: Dark of the Moon.)

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