‘Transformers Dark Of The Moon’ – Sentinel Prime on the Ark

by on February 18, 2011

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Well, I never even got close when I was trying to guess who the yellow Transformer in the crashed Ark was.  But with the Hasbro Toy’s associated with Transformers 3 movie is letting a lot out of the bag so when we hit up Transformers: Dark of the Moon on July 1st, we should be up to speed on who we’re looking at.  That yellow guy is Sentinel Prime

'Transformers 3' Sentinel Prime Hasbro Toy


Also, with that huge ship on the moon, what better way to make a huge new toy than to make a toy version of the Ark from the movie:

'Transformers 3' Autobot ARK


And despite all the early preview images that fans have put out on the web, here’s Hasbro’s official marketing image of Megatron Voyager:

'Transformers 3' Megatron Voyager toy

Here’s a movie opening spoiler for Transformers: Dark of the Moon:

SPOILER:  It opens with
[spoiler]Megatron hiding out in Africa, nursing his wounds and plotting revenge[/spoiler].
[Inside Movies, NY Toy Fair]

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