TRANSFORMERS Film Universe, STAR TREK Back on TV Rumors

by on March 31, 2015

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Transformers newsTRANSFORMERS To Have Their Own Marvel-Like Film Universe

Marvel has set the tone with how to handle a huge franchise full of characters. Well, at least doing it right. DC and Warner Bros are trying to develop their own film universe with their comic book characters. Whether DC and make as big of a splash with their Justice League characters as Marvel has with their Avengers, then they should be pretty happy.

And now Paramount had a light bulb go off in their collective heads and have decided that they and Hasbro should try the same thing with the Transformers (film) universe.

And they are going to try and follow suit in Disney’s Star Wars footsteps by plotting to release sequels, prequels and spinoffs.

They hired a guy (Akiva Goldsman) to hire other folks to pen scripts and will more than likely be working with Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg in what is being called a writer’s room round table script trust.

There… I think we covered everything.

Sure, the last film grossed just over a billion dollars, but domestically movie goers are getting a bit tired of the film. This Transformers Cinematic Universe is more than likely banking on the international interest in the franchise to keep this idea alive.

But can this idea work? Marvel took a chance and made things work the way they wanted it to. DC is hoping to do the same, without doing it the same way Marvel did. (There’s no escaping it DC…) And Disney, having bought Star Wars, is going to pummel the world with a dozen more incarnations of the franchise. Hasbro and Paramount though, seem to be embracing the best of both worlds or ideas out there.

I have fun with the franchise and might be interested in a few more different films. But am I thinking I would be interested in prequels and spinoffs? Maybe. Or maybe not. It would have to be a big sell to get me to keep watching the franchise after so many. The first few were a fun gimmick, but I am not sure about more.

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Is Star Trek Coming Back To Television?

A rumor is floating about that Paramount and CBS are working to bring a new Star Trek series back to the television. Then again, this rumor keeps cycling in and out of the realm of social media and the internet.

The site that first announced or mentioned it has reputable sources. But this again?

Fans can hope, right?

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I had written the above at the onset of the weekend, but before the weekend could even get one day old, a ton of disclaimers came out online saying that the Latino Review piece was based around A TEN-YEAR-OLD rumor. LOL.

And here I thought only Facebook recycled old posts and fooling people. Plus, if you read the LR piece, it addresses the old information as old. And Latino Review does have a great track record in the past for inside scoops.

So you can be the judge.

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