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by on December 5, 2009

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I just got done watching Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen on ‘On Demand.’

For a few bucks via On Demand, for 2 hours and 25 minutes I had myself some decent television entertainment.

There was a bit of obvious flaunting of the eye candy named Megan Fox, but she actually sounded smart enough in this movie. I was surprised.

Neither am I a Shia LeBeouf fan. I don’t find myself drawn to any project he does, but he did pull off his role smartly enough for me.

Despite seeming like too long of a movie, the entirety of the movie was needed to tell this story of the Decepticons returning , humanity, well, the government finding issues with their aliean allies and the Autobots again, fighting for humanity and Earth.

So I did have a fine time watching it, but I did have some inconsistencies pop into my head while watching the movie.

Yea yea, I was nitpicking while watching. I couldn’t help myself, but this questions distracted me from the story at times… some of the distractions were annoying, some were interesing.

  • How does the Life Spark shard actually last for 2 years stuck in a shirt? Has anyone just not washed their clothes in the last 2 years? Why didn’t the clothes washer become an evil machine and walk out over those two years?
  • I was hoping that since the last movie they might have visually simplified the robots a bit but they’re still pretty convoluted to watch and trying to sort out the parts hurts my head.
  • Checking-in a mini Decpticon for an airline flight!? That seemed bizarre.
  • Megan Fox and Shia Lebewouf snipping at each other about their relationship or who is going to say “I love you” first was pretty interesting.
  • How did BumbleBee not know the hot chick in his car that was hitting on Sam was a decepticon?
  • Yea, the twins are stupid. Why’d they even inject these two into this?
  • Oh nice, drop a dead Autobot body from 100 ft up. That’s repsectful of an ally.
  • Did anyone find the SR-71 a bit wordy at first?
  • Just so everyone knows, the back door of the Smithsonian does not lead out to the airliner graveyard in CA. I’m just saying.
  • One of the memorably funnier conversations in the movie:

“Drop on the orange smoke.”

“That orange smoke?”

“It wasn’t my best toss.”


All in all, I did like it. I probably would have enjoyed it in the theater, but I saved some serious cash by being patient and waiting! It has brought in over $833 million worldwide, so plenty have enjoyed it since opening day.

On IMDB, it was rated as 6.1 out of 10, by over 76,000 votes. Rotten Tomatoes users have it scored as 19% – Rotten. (I’ve always found RT users to be more critical of most films. Very fascinating difference here.)

I’d dare to say for a rental, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen is a 7 out of 10. Just because it was just a fun fun flick that did exactly what I expected it to do… kill time while I sat around with nothing else going on. If I was looking for something with some kind of meaning or a statement on society, yea, I’d be very disappointed. But I’m not.

I do have to point out that despite the critical points many made about the story and how disappointed most were with the plot, there is a serious divergence between popcorn flicks making $833 million and story being of such a quality to match up to that kind of income! Fascinating.

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